There are a wide variety of businesses in the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma. They range from Oilfield to Oil change, from farmers and Ranchers all the way up the supply chain to the meat markets. Businesses in the area that can use social media. To help find customers from an area that is larger than they believe.

A Tobacconist

Though not as plenty as they use to be, there are still the occasional tobacco stores located around Amarillo and Western Oklahoma. These are usually in the forms of Cigar and pipe shops. I have always enjoyed the rich inviting aroma’s that float out of the containers and humidor. Especially if you find one that have walls of different types of pipe tobacco. Tobacco shops are in an interesting field where there are people who want quality and where you can also dispense information for those who are new to the world of cigars pipes and creating your own blends of shag tobacco for your own cigarettes.

Tobacconists also face a new challenge in that society is shunning cigarettes. Finding a place to smoke a simple cancer stick is becoming a challenge in itself. Where Smoking in public is increasingly becoming an affair of the outlaw in towns like Amarillo.

Even so, Tobacco dealers in Western Oklahoma can still grow their business by using social media. The opportunities are around if you apply a little strategy, to the right channels.

So let’s look at Facebook

How can an Amarillo Tobacco store use Facebook to grow their business?

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are similar to forums or discussion groups where a particular topic is often being talked about. If you do a search in Facebook groups you can find just about any topic you can think. When you search for just Tobacco you get a huge slew of results. Anywhere from I was a tobacco farmer to Anti-tobacco groups but there are also Pipe Smokers Club (tobacco only) or In Tobacco We Trust. For the Cigar search, you might find The Cigar Smokers Room.

Don’t forget to look for pages that are centered in the vicinity of your area. So you might look for Elk city, Woodward, Mangum, or Altus if you are in Western Oklahoma. If you are in Amarillo Look for Bushland, Gruver or Dumas. These groups are able to lead you to people who are more likely to be your customer.  Even more so, if you luck out and find an Amarillo Cigar Smoker group.

These pages have many people who are new to the world of smoking quality tobacco products. Then there might be the 30 something gentleman who is tired of the Swisher Sweets and want to see what a Churchill wrapped in a Maduro is like. This is right up your field you can start giving your expertise. Help explain why the old reliable Cherry pipe tobacco is such a steadfast flavor. The knowledge that a tobacconist can provide for the heated discussion as to why Costa Rican Cigars are of equal quality of American rolled cigars.

These discussions will help establish your name and brand. You can add posts from your page and share them in the different Facebook groups to help build awareness of your page. Though don’t worry about reinventing the wheel by creating yet another group unless there is no group in your area that centers around the topic you are wanting to express knowledge about.


Speaking of Facebook pages, it doesn’t hurt to have a page for that western Oklahoma tobacco store. Because people are actually looking for tobacco stores in Western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. People often use Facebook pages to see if a business is active. An active page shows that the business is open and operating.

So what do you post? It is best to be relevant to your brand. So, it is not a good idea to post about Norwegian Lutefisk recipe, when your page is about your tobacco store. Your audience will be more engaged when they know you are going to be talking about pipes and cigar shapes. If you put quality into your posts, you will have quality returned in engagement. Because of how, Facebook has done its pay to play. Don’t expect lots of response till your fans like enough of your content. The more they like the more they will receive.

Good suggestions for using your page is to answer questions. So help with customer service. Educate your customer on the finer points of tobacco.


Many people shy away from ads. But don’t Facebook has amassed lots of information about its users and so you can find many new people just by using paid ads on Facebook. The price can be reasonable and inexpensive when compared to advertising in traditional media. The benefit is that you can target your actual audience. So that Cigar aficionado in Amarillo will have a better chance of finding you. All because Facebook knows that you and the Cigar smoker are a good match.

It is very tempting to boost a post but in all use instances your money would be better spent making paper airplanes. Spend the extra time learning how to specify the ads on Facebook and you will have more followers.

Facebook also has a way for you to know which Facebook users are visiting your website and this is the Facebook pixel. You can make a specific setting to what is tracked and they will help you to understand your customer even better again all because you took the time to set up a little code and place it on your website.

These are few things that will help the local tobacconist to help grow and help their customer. Next week we will take the Western Oklahoma tobacco shop to Google My Business, and talk about the benefits of verifying your shop.

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How a Western Oklahoma Tobacco store can use Facebook.