Two things you don’t normally hear together is emojis and business. Why is that? Well if you ask many business owners they say that it is because emojis are unprofessional. Why have cartoon-like images in a Business to Business company? We are not kid oriented.

I can get how a professional may think that they don’t want to appear unprofessional. I would never have you compromise your values and professional standing with your customers. Yet there is something about trying a new tactic that could put you out in front of customers and give you an advantage that your competition is not utilizing.

Why use Emojis?

Not only does it make you look a little younger to the elusive millennials it also has other advantages. Emoji can help you convey your message easier.

How many times have you been typing out an email or a response to a tweet and then have it miss understood? If your hand isn’t held up then I will have to say your fibbing. Because everybody has had a comment miss understood.

Emojis are actually helpful to convey whether you are joking, being snarky or flat out mad. The main part of the word is Emo. and I don’t mean the moody teenager that thinks nobody has ever grown up before them. but Emo as in Emotion.

People are visual creatures. So using these little pictures are often easier for people who are reading the message to grasp and understand the tone of the message when there are emotional clues added. So adding a laughing face with sweat coming off may help the reader understand that you were making a bad joke. It isn’t hard to find a good emoji to use with there being over 1,000 different types of available. Get creative you just may be able to communicate the right

It is searchable

On Twitter, emojis become even more powerful because not only are Emojis good for sharing your feelings. When you tweet using emojis those emojis become searchable.

SO if you are a pizza parlor. you might do a search for anybody who places a pizza emoji in the tweet in your area. You can the send a tweet to them telling them you can have their favorite pizza ready in 30 minutes or even offer them a coupon to stop by. For marketing emojis are almost a godsend.

If you are a burrito truck you can find out who has tweeted the burrito emoji and take the truck to them. If I had a food truck say they were coming to my area I would absolutely buy from them.

The options that area available are in reality limitless if you use your imagination and creativity. You can find ways to connect with customers and connect with new customers by using their same for of speech.

Try it out you may just find that a new language the connects with your target audience even better than you thought you could before. 😎

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I am here!

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How and Why Businesses can use Imojis
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