So we have covered what is a blog. Then traipsed over the who can a blog help. Now let’s start to get a little more serious

There are two camps of thought that go into choosing a blog topic. There is the Follow Your Passion side and then there is the blog to a Keyword Strategy. Both are strategies have their benefits and their drawbacks. So let look at the two main topic choices

Keyword Blogging

Keyword blogging is where a person chooses a topic based on set keywords. Now keywords are needed when you are writing. You want to keep your keywords in mind while you are writing your blog posts.

Having a keyword centered blog is good if you are wanting to design a niche site. Yet I would question the topic if you don’t have much interest in that site.

One problem that I see with keyword-based blogs are they write has to constantly be paying attention to what Google is doing. Any small algorithm change and you have to go through all of your back posts and update them so that they are optimized for Google.

Another way that I look at keyword blogging is you are writing for the search engines instead of your readers. You can at times lose the personal connection that you are wanting to have with your readers.

If you do SEO for your site correctly you will attract attention faster. That is a good thing. If you can draw in eyes because you are able to write about a topic that you believe in and have it Optimised for the search engines then you’re way ahead of the other people.

There is a reason that the Fake it till you make it, philosophy works. That is because you can actually develop a passion for a topic that you writing about. The trouble is getting started and writing regularly when you don’t have the drive can at times become a slough. When that happens your readers can tell.

Passion Blogging

Now If you can blend keyword blogging with a passion you will have a winning combination. There are a few hangups with writing for a passion the only blog. The biggest one is that you very possibly have your interest wander.

You may start out with a particular interest but as the months or even years go on you may find that you don’t have as much passion about a topic as you thought. You interests wander to a different topic that could be similar or it could be something completely out in left field.

The advantage of Blogging with passion is that you can find the keywords you are interested in. Yet often people don’t obsess as much about the keywords as those folks who have a blog based on a particular keyword.

On top of that, you are also able to add more conviction to your words. You are able to use the same language that your audience uses. This will help make you more relatable.

The best option uses both strategies. Build your SEO strategy but don’t write for the search engines. The Search Engines will not read nor will they comment on your posts. If you don’t use a little SEO people will have a hard time finding you. So, use both Have a passion and find your target keywords for each post.

Things to think about

Your blog is going to fall under a set of broad topics. The Topics are not limited to but include…

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Photography
  • Family/Mommy or Daddy Blogs/Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Review Sites
  • Tech
  • Teaching
  • Business/marketing
  • Humor
  • Home Decorating
  • Political

I am sure there are several other topics but these are some of the more popular genres of blogs on the internet these days. Also, these topics can often drift into other topics. So you could be a food blogger who from time to time review new flavors of ketchup. Then again you could be a travel blogger who likes photography about local foods. So, don’t feel like you are locked into a category. You can float between different subjects.

How do you find a topic you like?


There is no set formula for find

There is no set formula for finding your ideal blog topic. Especially if this is your first blog. This is where a little trial and error comes into place. You may think you have your topic all set and you know what you want to talk about and then… Your drive peters out. You find that your blogging becomes a struggle. This doesn’t mean that you don’t like your topic. the hunting for a topic or niche is tricky. It often requires a bit of woo-woo introspection. You may not find it right off the bat but each time you do try you will get closer.

A few things to think about that can help you along the way to finding your ideal topic.

What is a topic you like to debate?

When a topic comes up what is it that you can’t help but put your two cents in? Is there something that often gets under your skin when you hear what you believe to be wrong information?

If so then this could be a good topic for you. One key to a successful blog is when you don’t follow the crowd. If your thoughts may cause some sort of controversy then you will draw people who think like you to your blog. You also draw those who disagree with you on your blog.

Think of Rush Limbaugh love him or despise him people from both sides little to his show. Why because they are wanting to hear what he is going to say next. If you can pick a side and not be general you will actually draw in more people. This is because you will either relate with some and alienate others. So if you are going to have a passion that will cause your love of debate to come out understand you will need some thick skin. Because of those who don’t agree with you will pour their hate upon you.

What topic do you annoy your friends and family about?


Is there a topic that causes your friends an

Is there a topic that causes your friends and/or family to roll their eyes when the topic is brought up? This is usually a good sign that this is a topic that you are passionate about.

Often those of us who have a great passion that compels us to debate need an out. Often if we don’t have an out we start to make snide comments. We may also try to find extra annoying ways to slip our favorite topic into the current conversations.

So if you see one of those that has a topic. You would be willing to debate a fence post about that very topic. Then you may have a good topic to blog about.

Is there a topic you often find yourself researching?

Is there a topic you like to research? When you have read through all the Ranker Facebook posts you can stand but not ready to hang up the keyboard just yet. What topic do you often find yourself looking up?

These are good journey blogs that are centered around topics of curiosity. Maybe you are learning code. So, maybe you can share new discoveries of what you learn. Your journey could center around any topic as you grow in knowledge.

A key point here is that you don’t have to believe that you are an expert on this topic. The reader will enjoy seeing and learning off of your discoveries and failures.

That is a big key point to any blog share your failure along with your success. This helps your reader to connect with you. They will see you as what you are a human. Sharing your mistakes makes you relatable.

What do people often come to you for advice on or seek your assistance with?

Another way to find a blog topic is, what do people come to you for advice on? Maybe its computers you are known in your neighborhood as the local tech nerd. You are an expert to somebody. People wanting your advice or two cents of on a particular issue. This shows that you do have the knowledge and an opinion on that particular topic.

Now the big quadfecta is if you know of a topic that fits all four of these possibilities. Then there is a good chance that you are able to make a good strong community of fans and detractors. If you can find a topic that fits multiple options you will be better off.

Additional Tips

Maybe you have come up with several different topics that you think would work great but you are just not that sure. Here are a few other pointers you may want to look at.

Ask Your Friends and Family

If there is anyone who knows you best it is your friends and family. It never hurts to ask them. What do I talk too much about? Or what do you think I am interested in? You will be surprised at what they think of. many times it can lead to your favorite topic that you would have never thought of.

Get a thicker skin

jesse×199.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”199″ photo by on href=””>Unsplash

This tip isn’t to scare you but understand that because you took act

[/caption]This tip isn’t to scare you but understand that because you took action towards a dream you will have people who will try to drag you down. They can do it with caring. Then again some of your most loved family members can say somethings that are very harsh. THough it is often out of caring for you they can say things that will hurt your feelings. So toughen up that skin.

As Livewire wrote a post called 5 tips on choosing a blog topic they mention that you don’t want to have a topic that you are overly sensitive about. They are right to a point but I think those are good topics to help you find out how much you believe in that very topic. So if you can’t talk about a topic without getting offended or crying over then it may do you good to find out why it bothers you so much.

Be Relevant.

Neil Patel pointed this important tip out in his 4 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics If you are not making your topic relevant to your readers then they will not stick around. How will the information you give them affect them?  make sure that the way you approach your topic is appropriate to the question you are trying to answer.

If you are talking about the new tent spikes that are being produced bringing puppies into the conversation isn’t going to help. Yeah everyone likes these little bundles of joy but they don’t help with tents. So be relevant to your topic.

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