Why start a new Channel? That is a question you may be asking yourself right now. I have a YouTube channel why do I need another one? Well, because this channel is for your business, and video is the direction all the different social media platforms are heading.

So, why not set up for video on Facebook? Because the number two search engine on the web is YouTube. People are looking for ways to use your products and who better to tell them than you. So I would highly recommend a YouTube channel for your business.

This is how we do it…

Creating Your YouTube Channel

Getting a new channel is easy. So easy that it is only 4 steps. Starting off with Settings


  • Go to settings
  • At the bottom of settings in Overview, you will see “See all my channels or create a new channel”
  • Click the New Channel Button
  • Enter your Channel name

Alright, you have a new channel. You will, right off the bat, notice that your brand spanking new channel is very bare. So now it is time to fix it up and Customize your Channel. Click the Customize Channel button in the top right-hand corner to get started.

Customizing Your YouTube Channel

Here there are a few changes and tweaks you will want to make

Channel Art

YoutubeDimentionsThe Channel Art is commonly called your cover image on the other platforms. YouTube has some specific dimensions for your image to work at its best. The image has to be 2560px X 1440 PX. That is a huge image and if you look at the template you will see that the actual area you want to place your information is a 1546px X 423px and that zone is dead center of the image.

So, you want to get your design team to work and getting your channel art built. If you want to throw up a temporary image till the official image is done that can be done too. You can change your images whenever like.

  1. To add the Channel art you can click on the blue Button that says Channel Art or you can click on the pencil icon that is seen in the top right-hand corner of the album art when you mouse over it.CustomizeChannelArtButton
  2. You will be given a chance to upload an image to the Upload Photos Tab. If you have an image already uploaded you can select it under the Your Photos tab. Or if you want you can use a stock image found under the Gallery Tab. You can select one of these images.
  3. You can then adjust the cropping of the picture if you choose.
  4. Lastly to set the channel image click the blue Select button at the bottom left-hand side.

After setting the image if you want to change the picture you just mouse over the image and you will see the edit pencil in the top Right-hand corner.


Profile Picture

For you business channel I would recommend your logo. If you are a personal brand you might want to use your picture. Either way, you want to have a high quality image. Also have that the image be fairly large. This is for people who are watching on 4k connected TV’s. I would recommend nothing smaller than 750×750 pixels.

  1. To add your profile picture Click on the default profile picture or mouse over the default image and choose the edit pencil.
  2. You may get a popup talking about editing Channel Icon Click the Edit button.
  3. This will open a new tab for your Google Profile and will show any images you have used before.
  4. Click the Upload picture square
  5. Choose the picture you want to use.
  6. Click Open
  7. If you need to do some rotating of the image you can do this here. When finished, click the done.
  8. you can then close this tab and

It may take in the area of a day for the channel icon to appear. So don’t fret too much if it isn’t there right off the bat.

Channel Description

To edit your Channel description

  1. Click the blue Customize Channel ButtonThe_Tester_Channel1
  2. Click the About tab
  3. You will see the Button Channel Description. Click this and you are able to enter a detailed description

While in the About tab you are also able to make other important changes to your channel.

  • Add your email address so people can have a way to contact you
  • What country you operate in.
  • You can add links to other important sites, for instance, Your Facebook page, Your Twitter Page, Your Instagram profile, Your Website. You can adjust how many of these links appear as an overlay on your Channel art.
  • You are also able to link to other YouTube channels in the Featured Channel module.
  • You might want to enable the Popular Channels on YouTube. This will ensure that your channel is also recommended to other people.

Channel Settings

After you have played around in the Customizations for your Channel you will be set to edit some of the important settings for your channel.

To get to the settings in your channel

  1. Click on your channel icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. You will have a drop down appear and beside your Channel name you will see a gear icon.
  3. Click the gear

You are now in settings. On the left, you will see six different tabs.


ChannelSettingsIn the overview section, you will see a place for Custom URL. This more than likely won’t work if you are brand new you have to meet some mighty high standards to get a vanity URL.

You are able to see what your YouTube User ID and Channel ID are. You can also move your Channel to another Google account or branded account.

You can also set this as the default channel when you log into YouTube with your email address.

You area also able to allow certain mobile apps and sites access to your Channel.

Then on this tab, you are also able to delete your Channel if you choose to not use it after all.

Connected Accounts

SettingsConnected AccountsHere you can connect your Twitter account to your YouTube account. When you connect your twitter account, you are able to set that YouTube posts a tweet for different activities you perform.

You can share anytime there is a video uploaded to your channel. Add a video to a Public Playlist If you like a video you can have it automatically post to Twitter. If you save a Playlist it can be tweeted out too.


SettingsPrivacyIn this Tab you can choose what is set to private by adding a check mark to one of the three options. If you want to be transparent you can leave all of these options unchecked. If you are going to be using this account as your personal account then you might want to check this. Because you want to keep your company image set. So these options are completely up to you.

Just think about how you will use YouTube? How will your channel be used by your customers and potential customers? How much do you want to share?

  • Videos liked
  • Saved Playlists
  • Subscriptions

You can also choose what is shared in your activity feed. These options include

  • Videos added to public playlists
  • When you Like a video
  • When you save a playlist
  • When you subscribe to a channel.

Again these options are all to your taste.

You are also able to set the ads according to your taste. This is done on the Google side so you will be taken off of YouTube to make those edits


SettingsNotificationsGive you the options to adjust how you are notified and what you are notified about. If you want to be notified that some on has commented on your video or if someone commented on your comment on another video. These options are pretty straight forward.


This section is about the annotations and captions you can see when you are playing a video. You can turn off annotations and in-video Notifications. You are also able to turn on or off the always-on Closed Captioning.

Connected TV’s

This is where you link your YouTube account to a connected television. It has a walk through on how you connect your television to YouTube.

After all of that, you’re ready to upload your videos and start becoming a YouTube star. Well at least helping people understand your products. There is more you can do with YouTube and so I would recommend you look around and check everything out.

Watch other channels and see how they produce their videos. It will help give your insight as to what angle to take so that you are able to reach your ideal customer.

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I am here!

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