I have been looking through the last 3 years of Goodwin Social Media. I have covered many different topics. Yet I noticed that I was missing something. That something is the key point to all your social media strategies. I realized I had not shown nor explained how to set up a blog. Whether it is a niche based blog or not. I have failed to answer an essential question. How do you set up a blog?

So, this is the start of a series that will cover blogging and how you get started in blogging. This 8 part series will tackle one part of blogging till I get the majority of how to blog covered.

Since there is no time like the present, let’s get started.

What is Blogging?

Now I could go all the way back to the beginning when people use to hand code their web pages. I will tell you if for any reason as a means of taking up space and to impress you on my not so vast knowledge. Umm, anyhow.

Back in the late 90’s, if you wanted to have a website that you wanted to be updated. You would use HTML to create the pages. When we wanted to add another page we started out with <html> and ended that page with </html>. This was a long process. It often was a frustratingly fun part of the development. It was time-consuming. You would write out your page. Then you would go through and mark it up with HTML code. This could be a multi-day process depending on how much extra you had to add to the new page.

Then there came along PHP and MySQL. These technologies became the engine of the internet. Both were free to use because they were open source software and easy to understand.  PHP is a scripting language for websites you were able to create dynamic web pages. In other words, one page could service different bits of information depending on what was requested. Then you have MySQL which is a database system that easily tied to PHP so that it stored all the information PHP needed to serve.

With these two forces, the internet was able to have its own little mini-revolution. There were sites called Weblogs that were formed. They were often looked at as online diaries. Essentially you had a form you filled out. The data you entered was stored in a MySQL entry and then reserved in the layout of the authors choosing.

These Web logs soon were abbreviated down to weblogs or now blogs. The Advancement has allowed for the sharing of ideas and the creation of some of the biggest communities online. Huffington Post started out as a just a blog. TechCrunch is still considered a blog. Most sites you visit either are or have a blog connected to them. There are several blogging platforms out there and depending on what you are wanting you can have just a blog or you may look to having a whole Content Management system. Either way, a blog is often part of the overall online strategy.

Why Do So Many sites have blogs?

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The reason to have a blog is multipart and is unique to each individual business that is starting the blog. It boils down to three primary reasons. These reasons are SEO Community building and Information Distribution.


Google likes information, and if that information is current then Google likes it even more. With that line of thought posting more information on a regular basis is just what a website needs to stay in the Search Engine Rankings. So many sites have a blog that centers on their topic for SEO reasons.

Community building

I have for a while believed that blogs are a social network platform. Because many blogs still have a comment system. Granted commenting on a blog is way down. It is still used and a great form of community building.

Information distribution

A blog is a perfect way to distribute information about what is happening in your company. Many large businesses have a blog. Facebook has their Newsroom. Google has their blog.google site. Then Alphabet has a blog for each of their different departments. So yeah blogs are perfect for disseminating information.

The most important is that you have a place on the web. Either for your company or even for you. I am a firm believer that you should not only focus on your company’s brand but also focus on your personal brand. Your personal brand is as important as your company’s brand. You are the face so give people an idea of who you are.

So that is why you want to start blogging and it is important for your internet marketing strategies. It is also important for your personal brand. Writing can be a tough habit to form but believe it or not you will not get your old high school teacher showing up at your door with a red pen in hand. So start with a simple blog and see where it goes.

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Bringing it all together

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