AboutpageAboutTWWhat is the most visited page on your blog? What is the most visited page on your website? Just surprised most people it is not going to be the hot blog post that you wrote 2500 words for. Good chance that it’s not that cutting insightful with the piece that you spent a week writing. If you look at your Analytics from the beginning to the now. You will probably find that it is your about page.

What? Yep, your website’s about page. Is the most visited, looked at, clicked on, the page that you have on your website. Why is this? That is from a person’s deep-seated desire to want to get to know you. Who am is meeting here? What do they stand for? Is there any information here that will tell me what type of person I could potentially be working with.

People look for clues as to who you are personality wise. Nobody wants to work with a person with a questionable personality. They are wanting to put their trust into you and your service. So, the about page is a great place to start.

Channel your inner narcissist.

Believe it or not, this is probably the most difficult page you will write. Well at least it was for me. When it comes to talking about yourselves, most people would rather lick a slug than have to spend the time writing an about page. It is because most people feel as if they are being narcissistic. When the topic turns to themselves, people on average are modest and become overwhelmingly anxious at the thought that they have to say nice things about themselves.

So you have to dig deep and find your inner narcissus. Take you time if you just sit there in front of a blinking cursor with no idea where to start you might ask your spouse or good friend to write the first draft of your about page.

With this important information, you can then start adding more specific information. Also, remember that your about page isn’t actually about you. It is a way to help your readers start the threads of a relationship.

How to Write an About Page

What are you trying to accomplish with your website?

Let people know what you are wanting to accomplish. Are you trying to help people understand a concept? Or are you wanting to just talk about your views on some type of cause you feel strongly about?  Explain why you feel strongly about this reason. Talk about how your plan on reaching your goals you have set.

Explain who your site is for. Why do you believe they can benefit from your knowledge and insight.


When you are writing you about page tell a story. Whether it is a parable or a truly harrowing tale of adventure. Stories help people relate to your message. The feelings and sensations you experience these little details when you are sharing your story will help people to connect to your message. So think of a tale that centers around a message.

Inject your personality

It is easy for a person to want to sound stiff and professional. Especially if your site is a Business To Business type of site. IF that is the case You may want to mellow some of the personality but not all. Your business is YOU. Without the you, your business or blog wouldn’t exist. So put yourself in there. if you are quirky then share that. Expand on what gets you out of bed other than the need to go to the bathroom.

Your readers want to get to know you. Because believe it or not you inspire them to want to improve.They are more likely to do so if you show that you are actually a human. Go ahead and show that you like to wear striped socks with your suit.

Give them something to look at

Speaking of showing people include a picture of yourself. Let it be a nice headshot but if you have pictures of yourself being you share that too. If your readers can visualize you then that connection gets a little closer and a little stronger.

Use a video also. Yeah, I get it that scares you almost as bad as writing this about page. Yet, if a picture says a thousand words then a video will utter a whole library of information about you and all of it will be good. So open up that Camera app prop it against some books and tell the world hello.

Share little facts about yourself

When you are building your about page somewhere at the end insert some little facts about yourself. Do you like to play backgammon with your grandmother? Maybe you make the best meatloaf in the tri-city area. Did your older brother run your underwear up the school flagpole? Share these again it makes you look human but if you are a B2B then you might not share the whole underwear up the flag pole bit.

Do share your accomplishments. especially if they are types that are good bragging points.

Some topics you can use

If you are hitting a dry spot and you can think of what to say about your blog or site then use any if not all of these topics.

  • Talk about why someone should read your blog
  • What makes your blog credible
  • Why type of posts do you write
  • Why did you start this blog

Third person?

Should you write your About page in the third person? This is up to you. I understand that it feels really odd to talk in the third person.So if you want to say me, me, me all the time that might be better. But I think you should at least share your name with everyone.

Take your time when writing your about page. Recruit the help from your friends and family they can help with points that you would want to dismiss. Help your readers build a relationship with you by telling them what you and your site are about.With a little patient, you will get past the weird feelings of talking about yourself and you will have an awesome about page.

So you have any key points about writing an about page? Share in the comments below.

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I am here!

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The How’s and Why’s of an About Page?
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