Live video. This is the big topic of last year. You have heard all the talk about Meerkat and periscope, but everybody and their dog was on Blab. That is till the owners of Blab decided that their users were not using the platform in the way intended. So blab disappeared suddenly in great anguish and frustration.

Out of the ashes, there were several folks that realized that, with Blab gone, there was an opportunity to get into the live broadcasting space. So new live streaming products were created.

There was Tinychat airtime Huzza Firetalk Now none are perfect but the one that most people seemed to be migrating to was Huzza. That is till Kickstarter bought it.


frustratedYep if you are a Huzza fan and broadcaster, like TechChrunch and Social Media Examiner, who depended on using it for your marketing. You will need to find a new site by March 1. Kickstarter will be integrating the service into the Kickstarter Creator Tools. Great move for Kickstarter but bad news for those broadcasters that like to have multiple people at a time on their shows as guests.

The field of live broadcasting from your phone and in an instant is an ever fluctuating one. new sites and apps crop up while others are acquired. The fees range from the unsupportable free to the price that only a broadcast company would begrudgingly accept.

Where to go now?

That is the $500,000 question, isn’t it? It all depends on what you are looking for you have the option of just you or do you want multiple guests? Then there is the price. This could be free or it could be like BlueJeans and all they say is Get a Quote.

Your options are ever growing. Yes you can be on Facebook live and you will have the highest amount of interaction and you are able to save the video and share it with your guests. Though you will not be able to have camera switching. This means you will not be able to have two remote hosts. This isn’t easy when you are having guests on every episode.

There are web apps like and their a solution for Facebook Live and helping you be more interactive with them. They help you set up a one on one interview show or a Q&A so this site shows promise. The issue is that they are free so that means they are going to be looking to sell their innovations to the highest bidder.

There is the old guard. Google Hangouts on Air or what it is called now YouTube Live. This isn’t as easy as slip into the show broadcast and gets out. It has been around long before Meerkat and Periscope. You can have up to 10 people at once. Though I don’t believe you can connect it to Facebook since YouTube and Google are fighting this whole video thing out right now.

So where to go?

In all honesty, this is a question I don’t have the answer for. you can look and see if you can find a solution over at Alternativeto but their interface leaves much to be desired. I have used this site in the past to find alternatives to mac software. And if you look for they have a list.

I will be keeping my ear to the proverbial ground and see if I can find a good solution. Like the other broadcasters, I miss Blab in all its random annoyances. yet it still worked and satisfied an itch that has yet to be scratched again. So, get ready for more annoyances and direct everybody to your domain and try to get them on your mailing list. Not to sell to but just so you can keep them up to date on where they can consume your content.

Do you have a good alternative to the closing Huzza? let us know in the comments below.

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Huzza is shutting down. 
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