When it comes to social media there is one point that has been driven into everybody’s head. If you want your posts to be seen you have to have at the very least an image attached to your post. Images, graphics photos, you name it. you have to become visually proficient with your social media marketing.

Now before you start having heart palpitations breath. You are not a graphic designer. I understand that and many of these sites will help you create a respectable image though if you want to really knock it out of the park always have a graphic designer on retainer.

If you want to do your own graphics and images then here is a HUGE list of site and apps that can help you create and use images to step up your game

Image making apps

We are going to start off with apps and website that allow you to create images

Canva (Free with paid Upgrades)- This is the image creator that everybody talks about. They have a huge selection of free background images and typographical layouts. Canva also has presets for the different social media sites so you don’t have to look up what you need for Facebook or Twitter they already have those layouts set and ready to go. you can also use Canva on your mobile device

Adobe spark post (Free)- This is a free image maker that is available on both desktop and Mobile devices. You can access a huge selection of Adobe’s stock photos and add any overlay text with any typographical layouts. Messing this up is hard to do with Adobe Spark

Adobe Photoshop (19.99/Month) – This is what most people believe to be the end all of all Image creating software. and I would agree that this is an incredibly powerful photo editing software. A bit on the pricey side but it is the workhorse for graphic designers

Recite – This is the site many people use to create their Instagram quote graphics. If you know how I feel about people posting quotes on Instagram, then you will understand why I say use this site with extreme caution. Yet, for free it is very useful if you are in a pinch.

Easel.ly – Infographics, You need one and you know how to put one together? Good, you are better than me. If you don’t want to have a Graphic designer create a professional page then you can use Easel.ly.

Placeit – If you want to show your website on a computer screen or your logo on in a video somewhere. you can actually do some CGI product placement.

Page2Images – Share Websites to Pinterest the Easy Way

Over – This is a lot like Spark you can use typographically arranged text onto an image of your choice. This is an iPhone-only app at the time sorry Android.

Iconfinder – You need an Icon for a site or to make a special image? Iconfinder can do the work with their huge assortment of customer icons

Infogr.am – Need a chart for a blog post? You can create some those needed graphs and charts through Infogram enter the needed information and Poof the graph is created just for you.

Aviary – Adobe strikes again with another great tool to use for editing from your phone.

Crello – it’s Canva at a different angle one of my new faves.

Design Wizard – web-based Graphic design

Stock photos and vector image sites

When it comes to images many people need a stock photo but there are times that you don’t want to pay the royalties to use a Getty image. So here are 31 different sites that you can have free access to use.

  1. Pixabay – Stock photo and clip art site. Do a search and download depending on the site you may need to give credit. which you should go ahead and do anyway because it is nice.
  2. Unsplash completely and totally free to use however you want, New images are added all the time. The search is a little useless but the pictures are breath-taking.
  3. Public Domain Archive – All these images are part of the Public domain.
  4. Flickr: Creative Commons –  If you use please give credit where credit is due.
  5. SplitShire – Your source for free stock photos and graphics
  6. Gratisography – Free stock photos great search and updated regularly
  7. pdpics More public Domain Pictures you are able to search and use how you like.
  8. StockSnap.io as the site says beautiful free stock photos
  9. Magdeleine – A free high-resolution photo every day
  10. Good Free Photos – Free public domain photos
  11. Free Range Stock – High-res stock photos
  12. Pickup Image – High res images
  13. Photogen – unique stock photos. If you want some originality then here it is.
  14. Skitterphoto – huge database of public domain stock photos
  15. Life of Pix – Free high-resolution photography
  16. Pexels I use many of these beautiful pictures as my background for my phone and computer
  17. Morgue Files sounds morbid and but these are great stock photographs you can use in your social media posts
  18. 1 Million Free Pictures – hard to run out of images when you have a million free pictures
  19. Negative Space – Beautiful, Free High-Resolution Photos with No Restrictions
  20. Pic Jumbo – Lots of Large images
  21. Free Stocks – Free stock photographs
  22. Free (I)mage Bank – Free images anyone?
  23. CGVector – need a vector image? this is one of the places I visit.
  24. Gratisography  – Free images for all!
  25. 1001FreeDownloads – you need images? Check you need some new fonts? check
  26. New Old Stock – Old stock photos  That is why the old stuff still has some use.
  27. Free Refe Real Life Photos real life photos
  28. Jay Mantri – Great photos why he gives them away for free? I don’t know
  29. Foodie’s Feed – food based stock photos
  30. Shutteroo a bit limited but great pictures
  31. FreePik – – pictures and vector graphics
  32. Vecteezy — vector graphics
  33. Reshot – interesting unique images
  34. Public Domain Pictures – Very stock photos but they have a lot to choose from

Image Tools

There are times that you have the image just need the proper tool. Here is a list of tools that will help with colors and image resizers or if you are just needing a cool new background.

Landscape – Social Media Image resizer tool

Pictaculous – Create Your Own Color Palette

COLOURlovers – Get Inspired with Colors and Patterns

Noun Project – Glyph Style Icons

Blurgrounds – The Easy way to Create Blurred Backgrounds

Photovisi – Make Attention Grabbing Collages

Subtle Patterns – Free Patterned Backgrounds

Pattern Library – Fun and Wild Backgrounds

Social Media Cheat Sheet – Find the Best Sizes for All Sites

Creative Commons – need help with your licensing? The ultimate resource

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