Instagram, is your Tobacco store on it? Many tobacco stores are losing a wonderful opportunity to connect with their core audience and potential customers by not being on Instagram.

Why would your little pipe store in Amarillo want to be on a Photosharing site? you are not able to link to your product and you can’t really sell anything. you are right you can’t actually send a person to a link through Instagram. yet you can actually send a person to your store in a radio advertisement either. Yet, you are able to still able to convince people that your tobacco shop is worth visiting.

Instagram is a network with 400 million active users and these users will bring in over $500 Million through mobile and an estimated $2.8 Billion in 2017. Many of these users are in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. Many of those enjoy the occasional Pipe or sitting around with their friends and have a cigar with a drink.

So how do yu capture some of these folks that are looking around and posting images on Instagram? Now most people are more attracted to the site of an image than to text this is one of the reasons that Instagram has grown so popular in company’s marketing strategy. Then again don’t ever make a social network only about selling. Remember the word social is the first word in social media. So to have effective selling you have to be able to engage your followers and often to do so it helps if you engage with them.

Community building

Instagram still has the community aspect and you want to nourish that sense of community and help your followers feel special and important through your interactions with them. Like and comment on their posts.

Instagram though has a more enticing aspect than other social networks. This you can use to build a sense of “I want it” often called the buzz word “FoMo” or Fear of Missing Out. You can use the rich tradition of cigar smoking and pipe tobacco to generate a curiosity or FoMo to go to your online store or if you have your address in your bio, they might even just stop by to see what you have in person.

Yet, there are a few key points to Instagram that are completely different from other social networks. The biggest is the use of Hashtags


hashtagHashtags or # are used in many of the different social media sites out there. It is used as a means to group several posts by different people under one common tag. In Instagram, people use the lowly hashtag from Hashtag tours.

For example, you do a post and you have #cigar # relax # GoodTimes # Amarillo #Ama #amarilloTX There are Instagram users that will browse all the posts that have #AmarilloTX or #cigar. And so they will often find your Instagram post without even being a follower. Many people who are in the area will look but also, travelers will look at what is in an area by doing Hashtag Tours

So when you post your images make sure you use hashtags, but you can over do it. Putting 35 hashtags into a post is way too excessive and there are some people who do just that. The fifth time you see that you will understand how spammy it looks.

Look in the area you are wanting to add the city-state and don’t forget to add some descriptive text to your post that way people have a better understanding of what they are seeing. help flesh out the story they are seeing. it helps your followers to understand the further appreciate the image you posted.

Instagram is simple to use and doesn’t overwhelm and can be fun with the videos and photos that are posted. Just have a plan and build your community they will support you and your store.

Do you use Instagram? what strategies do you use to build engagement?

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