Instagram, you have heard of it, right?  Well if not then I will explain. It is photo sharing site that was bought up by Facebook and the popularity if it has been shooting through the roof. More and more people are joining and throwing up pictures. The main reason it was so popular is from the level of engagement that was present. Well that is till recently.

People are still talking about how great Instagram is, and they are right. Instagram as a network is truly an amazing network. Especially for seeing a behind the scene with our favorite model or allowing you to come along on the journey with folks you like as they see a spectacular sunrise. For what Instagram was designed to do it is great! Yet recently Locowise found out that organic engagement is falling.

Now what does organic engagement mean?

Organic is taken to mean naturally occurring interactions between a brand and their audience. in other words if you have an account and in August you are used to having about 2.25% of your followers respond in   but in September you more than likely only for 1.76% of your following to respond. This is not because you did poorly on your images this time. It is doubtful that your images were not that engaging. According to Locowise your interactions might be caused by the same issue as in Facebook. Yep it looks like things are becoming more and more pay to play for the Power house that is Instagram.


It appears that the slow and gentle redirection from organic to pay started in April. This means that not only will you start seeing Instagram is dying articles being posted everywhere but you will also see ads stating they can “teach” you how to grow your Instagram followers. You will see the same type of people as you see on Facebook.

Does this mean Instagram is dead?

No more than Facebook being dead. Instagram going to pay to play just means that it will be challenging to get your content in front of as many eyes. That is unless you pay, therefore you will see the money wasting “Boost Post” button and the ad editor for Instagram looks a lot like Facebooks. So if you have used Facebooks ad’s the learning curve will be fairly flat.

Yet with Instagram bending to a pay to play model just know that your most engaged members will see you and eventually I’m as sure they will incorporate controls to your feed just as Facebook has done.

Instagram is not dead. Far from it. You are still going to get engagement and you will continue to see growth in your customer/audience base. It’s just that the time to pay the piper for the ease of use. In fact I would say that the pay to play is going to be a good thing. That’s because you will actually start seeing les of the internet marketeers posts about their products and more of the relationship building meaningful posts that made Instagram great.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below.

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I am here!

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