Here in July Twitter is going to change their restriction of 140 character limit for direct messages to 10,000 character limit. What does this mean is a good? Is it bad? Is it indifferent? It will depend on how you look at it and I’m what direction you take with the use of direct message. Is this going to improve direct messaging? Is it going to decrease the use of direct messaging?

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Good parts

In July twitter is going to make a big change in what they allow they are venturing the way off of their and 40 character limit not in tweets as some people might think that in just the direct messaging. This has some good points about it if they are used in the social way. The good points mostly are going to be better conversations. Deeper more intimate discussions and sharing of ideas. You’re going to be able talk to your friend, you’re very close twitter friends you can share a lot more detail. While keeping the conversation private.

The Bad Parts

There is a big drawback to increasing the size of direct messages, and it can be summed up in two words, Internet Marketers. Lot of people don’t use direct messages except for internet marketers and they will send you a message about also going to this site or that site. All because you decided to follow them. Right now, a lot of times you get an automatic direct message with somebody selling you something or some other type of call to action, and this is a big turnoff for many people. I believe the reason why a lot of people don’t like using Twitter. It is evident when you find someone not engaged in twitter and having way too many automations at work.

I do fear that we will see a deluge of automated Direct Messages with 3 or 4 call to actions. Though I hope not because Twitters numbers have stagnated out of the frustrations and the power of this information network is tremendous. If the Internet marketers take this and try to run too hard with it is defiantly something the new user won’t put up with. New users are just trying to figure out this fire hose of information out and if marketers hit them with half a book sized direct message there is a chance they won’t comeback. This is something that the old guard, the people who’ve been using Twitter for nine years or more, not going to enjoy either. This is can be problematic or it can be a great tool. So it will be left to see if the new DM limit is a benefit or a hindrance to Twitter.

Why is twitter making the change?

There a lot of speculation as to why the change is happening. Some think that it is twitter investors who don’t understand twitter and that brevity is the soul of wit. Others think that it is just Twitter trying to something different. What the reason happens to be I hope that it will hold up to the scrutiny it is going to receive.

What do you think? Is twitter starting down a slippery slope? Are they forsaking what twitter is about? Talk about below…

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