Facebook has started making steps to have a broader range of emotions with the emoji based Reactions. Twitter must of felt the vacuum of like happening and they made a majorly benign change.

Twitter if you haven’t noticed no longer has a favorite star. They now have a heart to represent likes. Depending on who you talk to some people like it and other people are a little more resistant to change. So much so that you can install an extension to your Chrome Browser and bring back the Star.

So why are people so up in arms about this?

Truly no idea I hear that people complain that it is an unneeded change, and I guess you could say that. If you are used to the old twitter. Yet I believe that Twitter changed it for new users. Twitter’s numbers are sort flat. People don’t always understand how to wrangle the torrent of information that flows past them.

Then you have the star. Now most people use the star as a form of “Like”. If they see a post and agree but don’t agree enough to comment then they will quickly click the star and go on down their feed. Not very many people go back and see what they favorited and often that favorite will be lost to the twitter dust bin. There for I see and like the Heart, because it fits right in with how is use Twitter. For the longest time I didn’t use the favorite button because I wanted that represent if I found a tweet I wanted to go back to later I would have my Favorites folder. Much like a favorites menu on your browser. That is how I was trained to use the net and so that line of thinking came naturally.

In closing, yes Twitter is again trying to help the new user out but not in the way that will truly be of assistance. If you are a new person and trying to understand twitter the greatest tool Twitter gave you is, Lists Look at them and use them. It will completely change your twitter game. So, go tweet something and click that heart when you agree, or like, and if that comment causes a stronger emotion then hit replay and get the dialog going.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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