Today is the day that celebrates the wonders of Podcasts whether you make podcasts or you listen to them. This is the day that is all about a glorious medium that brings people of all walks of life together for the full democratization of ideas.

IPD-Round-400What’s a Podcast?

The age old question that is, in fact, getting kind of rare to hear. A podcast is a media file that is delivered via an RSS feed.

I know you are saying, a what? A better explanation is a podcast is a media file, audio, video or pdf, that is automatically delivered to you through an RSS feed that you are subscribed to.

In other words, it is an internet show that is automatically delivered to you for your consumption at your leisure.

Simple right?

Yeah if you don’t understand it it is a little difficult to get your head around it. The best way to fully grasp the power of podcasts is to experience it. To do that it is best to grab your phone.

Maybe this Video will help

For the Apple people

If you look on your phone you have that little purple icon called Podcasts.

Open it up.

Now what are you interested in or what do you want to know more about? Say Marketing or search for your industry. You will then see a nice long list of podcasts that will  cover the topic you searched for

If you couldn’t think of anything you might try searching for a celebrity you like. Like, Mike Rowe. His podcast The Way I Heard It is fun short little Rest of the Story type of podcast.  Some other celebs are Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ice Tea, Kevin Smith. Now some of these have adult language so if you don’t like blue words look for the E beside the title that will tell you if it is explicit or not. A blue C will tell you that the podcast is clean

Now once you have found a podcast you want to try Tap the Subscribe box and you are off to the races.

Down at the bottom if you press the Unplayed tab you will see all the shows that are waiting for you to listen to. You can also go back however far you want and listen to back shows.

If you do not like the Podcasts App and I would agree it is lacking in some functionality. There are other apps that you can download that will fit the bill nicely. There are the apps Overcast and Pocketcasts both make it easy to find and listen to podcasts. Overcast is Audio Podcasts only while Pocketcasts will play both audio and video podcasts.

For the Android people

Here recently Google decided to enter into podcasts by adding podcasts to their Google Play Music app. To use that app you basically do the same thing as in the Apple Podcasts app. You search for an interest find a show you are interested in and click subscribe.

Why you may want to podcast

Why would a blog about Social media be talking about Podcasting? Well, that is because Podcasts are a type of social media. My definition of Social media is any m of content that allows for other people to engage with that post. Having people engage with what ou are talking about is one of the objectives of podcasting. Podcasts have a very natural ability to build a community.

Podcasts are often viewed as one of the best forms of advertising for your brand. This is because like blogs people have to consciously choose to consume your content. People have to make an effort to place your podcast in their ear. Once they are listening to your audience can be doing something else. So, they can be mowing the lawn, driving, walking or running, any menial task your audience members can do while you are dropping knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb on to them. There are times you may say something so insightful you might actually blow their hair back.

As you might be able to tell I dig posts and podcasting. The advantages are worth the work.

If you are wanting to start a podcast who should you talk to? Well, there is me but there are a few other folks I would live to mention because as a podcaster All of us podcasters are a community. So, some folks you might talk to if you are wanting some podcasting help

Dave Jackson – He is your personal podcast coach over at The School Of Podcasting. He is the master of flattening learning curves and creative analogies. He has been podcasting for, I believe, 12 years if not, then it is almost 12. Either way, he has been preaching the benefits how to do pain-free podcasting for a very long time.

Cliff Ravenscraft – He is the Podcast Answerman. Cliff has the premier 4-week podcasting training course. He has trained the likes of Dan Miller, Pat Flynn, and John Lee Dumas.His way of coaching is a wonderful relaxing style.

Daniel J Lewis – Daniel has the Audacity to Podcast. He doesn’t do coaching or consulting as much anymore but if you are a podcaster and you want to up your game then you might want to join the Podcasters Society.

Things to know

There are a few key points I want to say about podcasting. The creation of podcasts seems easy till you do it. Podcasting can and will take up a lot more time than you thought it would. The common rule of thumb is a 1:4 ratio of time. In other words, For every minute you record it is going to take 4 minutes of prep, post-production, and promotion.

Quality is very important, but don’t paralyze yourself with trying to go for the best microphone. Yeah, the Heil Pr40* maybe the Cadillac of podcasting microphones but the Audio Technica ATR2100* or AT-2005* are both superb in the audio pickup. You can start with inexpensive equipment and as your show grows you can improve your equipment.

Your first show is going to suck. Get over it. you are not going to find your voice the first time the second time or may not even be the 10th time. Just know you will find your voice eventually.

If you do any research you will come across snake oil salesmen touting that they can get you into New and Noteworthy. If they say they can get your show into new and noteworthy DO NOT PAY THEM. Leave and leave their sight fast. New and Noteworthy does nothing for your download numbers. These are people who honestly do not know what they are talking about and are trying to exploit your ignorance so that you will pay them. You build an audience slowly but surely. Just be regular on your show release and your audience will find you.

So, Welcome to the world of podcasts and podcasting. Have fun and here is one more list these are the top 6 podcasts about podcasting if you want to learn more.

  1. The School of Podcasting – By Dave Jackson and is my favorite
  2. The Audacity to Podcast – The List master himself Daniel J Lewis talks about his views on how to make your podcast better
  3. The Cliff Ravenscraft Show – YYou wanting to have a look at and be inspired to run a business? Cliff is your man.
  4. The Feed – the official Podcast for Libsyn a podcast media host. Lots of stats and information about podcasting.
  5. Podcasters Roundtable – Podcasters get together and talk about podcasting
  6. She Podcasts – you don’t have to be a woman to list but you do have to be a “she” to join their community. Elsie and Jessica will explain what is happening in the world of podcasting while giving you the giggles.

So listen and enjoy these show and enjoy the experience, and welcome to the new and exciting world of podcasts. Happy #PodcastDay!

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