Ok By now you have heard that for some sort of reason beyond mine or anybody else’s comprehension Facebook is going to enable videos to automatically play with the sound unmuted.

The audio of the offending video will fade in as you scroll down and the video come into view. It will the fade out as your hurriedly scroll way. At this time from what I am able to gather this intrusive update is only for mobile and at this time it is being rolled out. So Not everybody has this update. But if you do and you are finding it annoying you can fix it. Thank you, Facebook for that.

How to set your facebook to autoplay videos but muted

For iOS users

  1. Press the Menu icon it is in the lower right-hand corner and is the three bars on top of each other
  2. Scroll all the way down to Settings
  3. Tap Sounds it will be about 7 options down
  4. Set the Switch for Videos in News Feed Start With Sound to Off If you do not see it yet keep checking you just haven’t gotten the update yet.

For Android Users (Thank you Toms Guide)

  1. Tap Menu
  2. Scroll down to App Settings
  3. Set to Off “Videos n News Feed Start With Sound” If you do not see this option yet you don’t have the update at this moment.

And that is all that is needed to make sure you don’t annoy the other passengers on the bus or in the waiting room. Now you will be able to choose if yo want to hear the audio. Good Luck!

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I am here!

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How to Keep Facebook From Blaring Videos at You
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