CustomerServiceCustomer service, depending on who you are talking to it is either dead or it is hard to find. Nobody wants to think that they have terrible customer service but it seems as if everyone has a Comcast story.  That story may take place at a restaurant or you may read about a lack of customer service in a yelp review. Everybody wants to tell about that bad review, and what are bad reviews based upon?

Bad customers service.

That’s Right! If the service is bad the review loses stars. You would think that this is a simple concept.but you would be surprised on how many companies try to sue their customers because that customer gave a bad review.

From the Texas couple who was sued by the Dog sitting service, to Dentist in Manhattan suing 5 patients. Every time I read one of these headlines the thought, “And that is why you got the bad review”. The reason for bad reviews often seems to present itself in due time. If you treat your customer badly you do not get the satisfaction of getting praise.

There are times it shows that people really don’t want to have to try. Yeah, it is just one more thing you have to be bothered with. not only do you have to cook a great meal. Work out the whole logistics of finding ingredients that are good and inexpensive. Now you have some loud mouth online saying you have to treat your customers nice if you want a 5-star review on Yelp or Google reviews? That is what this loud mouth is saying.

Try to prove me any different. The vast majority of people will see good service and will reward it. Yes, there are some folks who are miserable beings and they only want to make other people miserable. They would give Mother Theresa a bad review only because they are able to.

These particular bad reviews are worthy of ignoring. If you show that you are trying to help your other customers who are looking at all the review will see you try. This will cause the perpetual bad reviewer to expose themselves as a person who can’t be satisfied.

What happens with a good review

First, what is a good review? It is when you go above and beyond the call of duty. You put your customer’s experience above all else. If you take a servant’s attitude and try to make sure your customer has the best experience with ou possible they will not give you a one star nor will they give you a bad review?

This is called the law of reciprocity. If you give to a person they will finally start to feel obligated to help back. The common person will want to help in some way that they are possible. it may only be in the form of a good review. Then again it could also be in the form of placing a $20,000 order.

The Tale of Luka Apps

Another advantage of customers service that goes above and beyond is people celebrate it. People want to talk about the rare event of a company actually treating a customer as a human being. Look at Lego and how they handled a 7-year-olds dilemma.

In 2013, there was Luka. He is a boy who likes his Lego Ninjago sets. During the 2012 Christmas, he bought a set that contained the character Jay ZX with his Christmas money. Yet during a trip to a store he lost the Jay ZX character. In a state of worry Luka’s dad suggested that he write Lego an email explaining the situation.

Luka did just that. He wrote the following email

Hello. My Name is Luka and I am seven years old. With all my money I got for Christmas I bought the Ninjago kit of the Ultrasonic Raider. The number is 9449. It is really good. My daddy just took me to Sainsburys and told me to leave the people at home but I took them and I lost Jay ZX at the shop as it fell out of my coat. I am really updet I have lost him. Daddy said to send you a email to see if you will send me another one. I promise I wont take him to the shop again if you can. Thank you.

LEGO then replied with the following

Thanks for sending us an email!

We are very sorry to hear about you losing your Jay Minifugure but it sounds like your dad might of been right about leaving it at home. It sounds like you are very sad about it too.

Normally we would ask that you pay for a new one if you lose one of your minifigures and need to have it replaced. My bosses wold me I could not send you one out for free because you lost it but, I decided to that I would put a call into Sensei Wu to see if he could help me.

Luka, I told Sensei Wu that losing your Jay Minifugure was purely accident and that you would never ever ever let it happen ever again. He told me to tell you, “Luka, your father seems like a very wise man. You must always protect your Ninjago Minifigures like the dragons peotect the Weapons of Spinjitzu!” Sensei Wu also told me it was okay if I sent you a new Jay and told me it would be okay if I included something extra for you because anyone that saves their Christmas money to buy the Ultrasonic Raider must be a really big Ninjago fan.

So, I hope you enjoy your Jay minifigure with all of his weapons. You will actually have the only Jay minifigure that combines 3 different Jays into one! I am also send you a bad guy for him to fight.

Just Remember, what Sensei Wu said: keep your minifugures protected like the weapons of Spinjitzu! And of Course, always listen to your dad.

You will see an envelope from LEGO within the next two weeks with your new minifigures. Please take good care of them, Luka. Remember that you promised to always leve them at home.



LEGO Customer Service

So what did LEGO do that was so wonderful?


Lego acknowledged the problem Luka had at hand. Luka had lost one of his favorite figures and Lego expressed sorrow and empathized with Luka. They treated him as a person, not as a past sale. The place that most companies get this wrong is saying sorry and leaving it at that. Just you can tell the customer service person is just wanting to get this uncomfortable event behind them.

Personal Spin

LEGO is known for being fun. The company culture shines through in this reply.They show that they use their imagination and draw on the fun and exciting world of Ninjitsu. Did you see they brought in Sensei Wu? They also talked about the dragons that protect the Weapons of Spinjitsu. They show that yes as a company they know how to have fun. it is not all about being the hard line unmoving emotionless company.

Met the problem

Normally we would ask that you pay for a new one if you lose one of your minifigures and need to have it replaced. My bosses wold me I could not send you one out for free because you lost it but,

The problems that were faced are a lost minifigure, and that they are not able to replace it for free. This second boundary is very important. in the word of customer service. yeah ok, it was a small fib. Yet, is served a point.  That point is, Luka is so important to this occasion that Richard the Customer Service rep, Went above his bosses head to Sensei Wu. He took that boundary and broke it for Luka.

This makes a child, or an adult, who is in a bind because of some event feel as if their problem is validated. and that is the case. their problem has been validated and the proper empathy for the stress and worry is OK.

Richard didn’t’ just dismiss the problem. Which he could of easily of done. A slight wave of the hand and a quick “Should of listened to your dad” and it could have been over with. But then we would not be talking about LEGO right now.

Exceeded the line

Once that boundary was set Richard is now able to show superhuman strength to a child and go against their boss, and replace the lost toy. Yet, why stop there. Why not make the child feel even more special? That is what LEGO did. They took Jay ZX and made him even better by giving Luka a JAY ZX in every possible configuration!. And they didn’t stop there, they threw in a bad guy. So they went that extra mile. It didn’t’ break the bank. LEGO is not going out of business because of Richards actions. They, in fact, made Lukas life just a little richer instead.

Going the extra mile. Making your customer feel they are worth any and all trouble they put you through. That is the key to getting 5 stars. Applying just a little extra motivation and personality to the service and serving the customer. Helping that customer feel special. Is the best and surest way to win their hearts.


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