If you read any of my articles you will see that I like Twitter. I like the instant communication you can have through twitter. From talking to actual celebrities. To people who think in the same sick twisted ways you think.

Lately, though twitter has been sliding in popularity for several years. Many people believe it is just the amount of information that can overwhelm people. Then there are those who think Twitter is almost like Reddit in that it has its own culture and if you violate the social rules you will be ridiculed and ostracized forever. For whatever reason, Twiter is trying to Find ways to bring new blood in. They are looking to bring in new people while at the same time trying to monetize the service. Twitters Solution Pre-roll Revshare.

Preroll Revenue sharing

Yep Twitter is taking a page from YouTubes playbook and they are looking at finding people who will allow Ads to be played before the actual video starts. So, If you are like me that can be good I have seen a few good trailers on YouTube’s prerolls. Yet Twitter is wanting people to join fast by offering a better rev share than YouTube. You can get up to 70% while Twitter takes only 30% of the cut.


Yep, the creator of the video will get 70% of the revenue generated from that ad. I am with you, My hair has been blown back. This is a great opportunity for those who are both Youtube stars and new people who want a shot at internet stardom.

What does this mean for the small business?

Well, not much really unless you are a content creator. If your business is centered around creating videos and blogs you may not see much in the way of getting rich. But if you are a small business you just might be able to build another revenue stream that can help pay the bills.

What I am saying is yes you can and probably will get some money from this/. but if you are thinking you are going to get filthy stinking rich. I would look at another game plan. The ones that are going to be a huge success are going to be rare. You might be that person but, don’t hold your breath blue doesn’t look good on you.

Also if you think you will be able to start this tomorrow and you will have your student debts paid for by January think again. You will have to look at this plan as a long game.

Don’t expect instant success.

If you follow the same guidelines for other forms of content. These guidelines being Create a schedule. Stick to that schedule. Be creative and informative. Make your audience Laugh, Cry, Think, or Groan. You do this your Twitter videos should start getting some traction. With that traction, you will also  start getting more eyes on your videos which in turn will get more revenue  coming in. And like I said it is going to take a bit of time for that traction to catch.

So look at it like blogging or podcasting. Around the 2 year mark, you will really start making some inroads. If you try to cheat the system your audience will know. With knowing will mean you will quickly fall.

So enjoy aim for the skies maybe you will become the Pewdiepie of Twitter. Then again you may not and honestly that wouldn’t be too terrible.

How do you sign up?

This is information taken from Twitters own announcement


To get setup on the desktop app visit studio.twitter.com to access the new Media Studio. Everybody should be signed up automatically but if for some reason you are not you can fill out this Google Doc. Yep looks like Twitter uses Google Forms also.


Using Engage app

  1. On the Twitter Engage app
  2. click on the “Earnings” tab
  3. sign-up for theAmplify Publisher Program

Using Niche

  1. directly within the app to see if you are eligible.

From here it is basically start making content. Tell stories. The more people share your twitter video’s the more you will have a chance to earn some of that sweet 70%

Are you already signed up for the Monetization? have you made any money yet

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I am here!

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