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Facebook has killed its Mentions App and in its place, they have released Creators and it is open for everybody who creates.

Facebook has a new addition to one of their apps, and you have probably seen it in action a couple of times. You may have seen a live stream as you parous through your newsfeed. You might have even clicked on this live stream because it was one of your favorite celebrities. This looks great! What better way to build a community on Facebook than using a native app! This is just what you were needing in the live streaming field. So, what is this live streaming app called?

Live For Facebook Mentions

Now before you open the App store and eat some of your cellular data you might want to know a crucial key to Mentions. Cue Marilyn Manson


Yep, only the beautiful people or Celebrities of the world have access to Facebook Mentions, and you have to have Facebook Mentions to be able to use the Live portion. To even get any farther than the log-on screen, you have to have a Facebook page that is verified. Now if you want to, you can try to get verified, but the chances of that actually happening are slim. Very slim in fact, because though you may have a lot of likes on your community page you don’t have Luke Bryan or Lester Holt or Guy Kawasaki’s levels of likes. You are a member of the great unwashed masses. Sorry to hurt that ego but I am in the same boat.

Facebook Mentions is for Thought leaders.  Those people who would benefit from using a special tool to run a Q&A live, or manage a page with hundreds of thousands of likes. So yeah I would believe the live portion would do my community great. Facebook is busy trying to keep you entertained and what better way than have your favorite celebrity be able to talk live with you. And though we uncool crusty old folks have taken over Facebook and though we are the ones that have the money. The Demographic that is missing is the kids. These kids are who find Facebook to be “uncool”. Well, the kids that are 13 – 26 years old who would rather use Snapchat or some other messaging application.

How does an uncool place prove that they are cool? By offering access to the kids favorite celebrities. Facebook is hoping to show these youngsters that they are still hip and down with it. That way the teens will step away from SnapChat for a short bit and maybe help give a little more data on Facebook.

Will it always be for the Celebrities?

There is a chance that Facebook will make the live streaming an independent app. If they believe that it is going to take off. So you might go ahead and watch some videos and help convince Facebook that it is a good thing. But then again the people Facebook has let into the live streaming are old folks. You don’t have the PewDiePie or any of the other YouTube or Vine stars or even Shaunduras of Snapchat none of these folks are on Live on Facebook Mentions. So, until they get stars that the younger demographics like and will flock to. Facebook might just be barking up the wrong tree.

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Live streaming on Facebook Mentions?
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