You may have heard that there is a Golden ratio for twitter that is a whole discussion in whether it is important or not. The reason that I do bring up the 2:1 Ratio is because many people do follow that particular rule. While I tend to follow people who I find interesting then filter using list settings. I do understand that people also like to try to use formulas to succeed and make that ability of increasing their follower count as easy as possible. There is a tool that can help with managing who you are following whether it is you are trying to get rid of bots or you are weeding out the No Follow crowd. The tool I have found should help out tremendously, in several different categories.


ManageFlitter Logo
ManageFlitter Logo

Well they were not able to call it Manage Twitter because Twitter is copy written and so they had to get as close as possible. Who says close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades? Well, anyhow, ManageFlitter is a freemium web service that allows you to see your twitter in different categories

Not Following Back

Who is not following you back? Who was following you and has turned around and decided to not follow you and slip out in the dark of the night? You can find out with a quick check here in the Not Following Back category. This is helpful to just remove some of the excess noise in your twitter feed. If you are trying to have more followers than people you are following, this is a good place to start. You will get a nice list of those good folks you are following and not following you back.

No Profile Image

Many new folks to Twitter will not add a profile image. Many times it is because they either don’t know how or they are a bot that was programmed and didn’t get an image added. Because of that you can often tell the bots from more legitimate users, or you use to be able to. Many twitter bots now have images of pretty people in them so it is still pretty evident. But you can at least see who of your friends just signed up a month ago and still hasn’t added a profile picture.


For many of us English followers you will have folks who do mass followings regardless of the language or again they are poorly programmed bots, and the country of origin is wrong. So this little category will help with again removing unwanted people who may not be tweeting in a language you understand.


Have you ever had an account for a big upcoming movie follow you and so you can get updates for that movie you follow that particular account. Soon the updates stop because the movie was released and you have forgotten that you even follow that account. This feature will help you to find the people who don’t tweet anymore and you can remove them and not worry about them. Of course if they are inactive they really aren’t filling up your Twitter Feed with extra information.

Fake Following

Who are you following that are fake profiles? Now this is good to know. Why would you want to follow an account that is fake. Well except for Big Ben or a couple of other bot accounts that actually offer some use. So use The Fake Followers to kick the bots to the curb

Fake Followers (Pro)

This is available in the paid versions of ManageFlitter but it is good to see who is following you that are bots so you can decide if they are doing any benefit or harm.

High Ratio

That golden ratio comes into effect here. If you are wanting to make sure you are following what you believe to be there right people Then this will help you make sure that you are can drop those that have too many follows and not enough following.

Low Ratio

This can help to verify that you have those that are above the Golden Ratio


Find those people who are active and you can pretty much rest assured that they will see our tweet and have a higher chance that they will respond.


This will help you to find those that tweet only at the most once a day, if that. You can now see that your friends are hardly on or if they are on they don’t tweet that much.

High Influence

Often these are celebrities or pundits for a particular topics. Often these folks have great information and can be of great help if you are needing to find a high influential account to talk to.

Low Influence

People you might be able to help out and share their content. Often they will have great stuff to talk about and you could be their amplifier. So, don’t shun the low guys they can be our ticket to extraordinary success.

Manage Muted users

Yes often there are those people who will tweet about the fact that they are tweeting. They share every little tidbit of information they can come up with. Well, if you don’t want to hear about what is they are currently passionate about then you can mute them. That way you keep them as a follower and you can clean up your feed a little bit more.

Everyone you follow

Turn on the fire hose baby! Yeah this is, as it says everyone in your list. And I mean everyone.

Power Mode

This is a secret You have to have at least the pro version to know what is contained in the power mode but I am sure you have to use great responsibility. See what I did there? Umm… Any how ManageFlitter can be a powerful tool you can use to help manage your twitter account. Whether you are wanting to clean your feed up or just see where everyone lies in the great scheme of things.

Do you use ManageFlitter? If so what do you think? What do you use it for? Talk about in the Comments section below

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