Yay! 2016 is over. We, as a group, have seen way too many of our favorite celebrities pass away from us this year. From a Boxer to several rockers, so many thespians that you wonder how is Hollywood still around? Yes when it comes to my childhood, as I am sure yours too, 2016 was a boon year for death.

While there were so many famous people meeting the Grim Reaper. in the world of social media and internet marketing, there were some marketing tactics that started to become way too prevalent. These tactic yes may work but they work at the dire risk of annoying your potential customers at best forcing them to leave at never come back at the worst.

These 4 internet marketing trends have gotten to the point that even google is making some changes to their algorithm. While a couple of these trends are quite possibly going to be the topic of epic rants by people who write and think better than I could ever wish.

Full page pop ups

Let start with the proverbial elephant in the room. You find a link that grabs your attention. Whether it is a news article or just click bait list, your page pretty much loads. Well, it loads enough for you to start reading when BLAM! you are poised with a puzzle.

The rules to this puzzle are easy. Simply all you have to do is click the X and close the ad. This will close the full-page ad. This ad is sometimes so poorly designed that the advertisement doesn’t even fit the screen. Especially if the screen is your phone. You have to try to find out how to scroll over far to press the close button. Then as yo let up on the screen the image snaps back to its home position.

What do most people do? They leave. Not getting the important piece of news or the good giggle that was just foiled by not being able to get to the close button. This is almost expected.to happen these days.

Us Gray hairs will recognize this advertisement being shoved in our face.
This trend has been growing all year. And each month seems to be getting worse.So much so that ad blocking popularity is growing. This should scare the crap out of internet marketeers. One of the sources of revenue is being attacked by their readers. Yet, instead of backing off and trying to be of more help. These internet marketeers are trying to go back to the days of 2000 – 2001. When every site you went to had an X10 camera advertisement and often 4 or more pop-ups and pop-unders all advertising this little camera.

Back in those days, it did get bad enough that people created the ad blocking software that is out now, and if it keeps up the ad revenue will fall through the floor like it did in the early 2000’s to where ads are not going to be worth it.

This has become such the problem that Google is actually going to be marking you as less relevant if you use interstitial ads. So, unless you do not care about your SEO that is one large reason to stop with the huge obtrusive irritating advertisements.

So instead of Driving your customers away give them a pleasant experience. Give them the information that lured them to your site. Don’t block them out of our site with a big interstitial ad. That is just rude.

Autorun videos on mobile

Remember when people were just figuring out that they could put videos on their website? It seemed like a good idea at that time to have the video automatically play when it loads. That way you instantly start bringing entertainment to your visitor. The issue that didn’t come to mind is that people were in their office slacking off a little. When out of nowhere the whole office knew because the music started blaring. Much like the auto playlist that so many people on MySpace use to have. As you visit a friend’s MySpace page, a flood of bad music would start pumping through the computer speakers.

Well, for the most part, people figured out that it is annoying and in fact website started to turn away from the practice of auto play. That is till Facebook started auto plays but they did these with a twist of courtesy and auto played them with the mute set.

Somewhere along the way internet marketeers started thinking that it was ok too. So, they start placing auto-plays for advertisements the websites they were in charge of. So now you will get auto-plays for Wall Street Journal or Tide or even something else. The problem these marketeers have taken into account is how many people are viewing these advertisements on Mobile devices.

When watching a video on a mobile device you don’t get the little innocuous video player in the lower right-hand corner. Nope. If you are using an iPhone the video takes up the whole screen. So the only choice you have is to click the “Done” button at the top left-hand corner. So it takes the reader out of the experience of reading the article. Then they have to find their place again. Because often the page will reload and place the reader at the top of the web page again.

So again just because the internet marketeer want to get the video to play and they don’t want a potential customer to be able to choose whether they want to see the video. The internet Marketeer decided that it is better to irritate and annoy the potential customer. Then take the time and courtesy to hand the choice over to the customer. give them the choice and let them get the information they want. Often if they choose to watch the video they are also interested in buying.

The other problem is that it eats up a lot of data. In the United States, we have a tiered data system. Yes for a while we had the glory and freedom of unlimited data but for whatever reason the cell phone companies decided they needed more money. So they created data limits. Now those data limits are getting cheaper each year but the data tier are still there. and when Those of use who can’t afford unlimited data plan hits our limit we don’t just stop we incurs a larger bill. This being a terrible way to build a relationship.

Read more button

When it comes to reading an article most people don’t read all the way. in fact, many people don’t read at all they see the title of the article and if it fits their line of thinking they share. I have been guilty of this more than once. So, I do understand why the trend of putting a Read More button after the first paragraph sounds like a good idea. You want to show your advertisers how many people go past the first paragraph. Yeah, this is a way to achieve that purpose.

There are times that you are not able to click on the read more. If you are reading through an app for instance. Right Relevance app on mobile comes to mind. There is a window you can read different topic based articles from but there are share buttons at the bottom and you are not able to click the Read More.

The other bigger problem with Read More is that you are asking your readers to prove that they like you. When you should be proving to them that your topic of discussion is it worth reading.you do this in the same way you do on YouTube and Facebook Live. you have a few seconds to grab your audience members in this case readers attention. Yeah, it is a bit more work but it pays off in the end when you apply a little more finger grease (See what I did there).

Gallery articles

How many times have you clicked on an article called something like 50 pictures that changed the world? The post that shows up then has quite expectedly a gallery of images with a short paragraph. This is quite nice and often very interesting. But take that same premise and make it an article on Ways to improve your Twitter following and that same gallery becomes extremely annoying to the reader.

Yes, it allows for you to spam your advertisers with all of these great hits you are getting. You are able to show them that you have hardly any bounce rate because people go from page to page to page reading this smarmy piece of click bait.

This is the epitome of annoying. because often it takes forever for the page to load, and when it does the person has finished reading a long time back and there are about 3 advertisements that have a fake next button.

Using these tactics gives the site holder a look of distrustfulness. because one when you have a site like this the sheer numbers of advertising looks smarmy and then you have to click next just to be able to read the next paragraph is irritating. Though you can prove where people stopped reading. Don’t use this tactic and let it die in 2016.

These tactics work in many different ways. but the common way is that they annoy and irritate your audience. It forms a reason for your reader to not use you nor use your products and services. This ends up being the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with social media. Doing it right is not the fast way bit it is the better way.

I am here!

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I am here!

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