Sometimes your best-laid plans don’t quite turn out like you would hope. You may even get an incredible boost lots of buzz. only to have the rug pulled out from under you. A good example of this is the Live streaming app that started the whole live streaming craze, Meerkat. You don’t hear much of this app anymore though they did lots of major innovations. For example, they were the first to team up with GoPro so that Extreme sports enthusiasts could live stream their adventures. They lost all their SxSW wind when shortly after their big debut Twitter shut the door on the main key feature of being tied to Twitter.

Meerkat did  all they could to try to stay relevant but when Blab showed up on the scene it has pretty much took over the live streaming niche. With that being the case Meerkat could do basically 3 things

  • Stay the present course and hope that the Muse of all Muse’s comes by and smacks them with the best idea in the world for live streaming
  • Just say it was a good run and shut the doors and fade out.
  • Pivot into something slightly different but stay true to your roots.

If you said Option number three. You should be hearing bells in your office and have sudden down pouring of confetti. (You don’t want to know how I got into your office). If you didn’t get any of the celebration goodies that is because I was trying to sneak into the other guys office and ran out of time.

Anyhow Meerkat is changing their direction. They are not going quietly into that goodnight. No, they are actually going to try to be a social network. Now their fearless leader is not really leaking much but several speculators think it might be centered around video a lot like YouTube. There are others that think possibly Meerkat is going to a blab format but whichever format that Meerkat goes it is going to have to find a better mouse trap. Because Meerkat will have to start muscle into a niche that already has its 800-pound gorilla sitting comfortably in the corner. Watching the other player try to get a leg up.

Will they succeed? Don’t know but they will have to work hard which I am sure they are willing to do.

I am here!

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I am here!

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