One of the biggest quandaries you have been presented with on Facebook is do you thumbs up or “Like” that someone’s mother has just passed away? People have often wanted to have a way to express more a more accurate response to one of their friend’s posts. Mark Zuckerberg’s team has listed and is making changes at first everyone was thinking that it was going to be a dislike button. Yet don’t be looking for the thumbs down any time in the future. Because that is way too negative of a response to and I believe Mark realized that that would be too easy of a tool for our beloved internet trolls to use. So the Bright guys at Facebook have come up with reactions.

Intro Reactions


Instead of the old stand by for the Facebook like you will now be able to share a wider range of emotions. A total of 7 emotions in all that will show up instead of the Thumbs up after you give the Like a long press. You will have a type of submenu shows up and you will be able to see a row of animated emoji’s that you are able to choose from. The choices you have are

LikeEmoji The Traditional like with a redesigned look. So no Facebook isn’t removing the old reliable.

LoveEmoji Then there is a red circle with a White heart in the middle for the Love reaction.

HahaEmoji The laughing Face for the Haha. I am sure this will be over used pretty quick

YayEmoji A content smile for the Yay. Maybe the most under used emoji

WowEmoji A look of shock for Wow. I can see this being used a few times.

SadEmoji Crying face for the Sad reaction.

AngryEmoji And then a red face for Angry. Trolls can try to use it but they will only look like a jerk.

So you have these new abilities to help show a better range of emotions and yeah I am sure there are going to be those who do not like it. Yet this is a good thing though it may not be what you think. So, When do you get to see them crop up on your newsfeed? That has not been discussed as of yet. But you might get to see it from time to time because it is being test right now in Ireland and Spain and that is because apparently they don’t have as many international friends on the norm. So buy the Irish a beer or start talking to that Spaniard and see what happens.

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