Ok, it has been about 2 weeks since Facebook talked about their Facebook Apocalypse. I am sure that if you look at your Facebook news feed now you will notice lots of your “friends” and very little business pages. It was that fast. Facebook said they were doing it and now no pages are showing up in my newsfeed as of Super Bowl Sunday.

If you are a page owner, I am sure you can see right when Facebook applied the new algorithm. You are seeing all of the work you have put into your page. The Community building, the engagement frequencies and your relevancy scores now mean hardly anything. All of you hard earned work is fading to the point you think you should just give up.

What if I was to tell you there is still hope? What if you this is just the opportunity you needed to get a leg up on your competition? Realize they are facing the same problem. They are wondering, “Where did all my people go?”

That is what I plan on helping you out with here. What are the newest strategies you can use? How are you able to keep some sort of engagement up with your potential customers and fans?

It is all about Conversations now.

We were used to being happy with the easy low ball forms of engagement in the ways of reactions and shares. Those for a while were thought to be the best form of engagement. Especially if you got the beloved share. But Facebook has other ideas. Those new ideas are centered around better engagement. That better engagement is conversations, especially conversations between friends and family.

Facebook is looking for people to talk to each other. They are wanting people to have deeper and more meaningful interactions, not just a thumbs up that you agree with that political post that was half read. Facebook is going to give more weight to comments and the longer the comment the more likely that conversation is going to cause that post to show up in others news feeds.

Comments in general, this was true before (the change). But it’s more true after. Comments are more valuable than Likes. If you bother to actually take the time to respond to something that I posted, a picture of maybe my two kids.

— Adam Mossari (VP, News Feed at Facebook)

 So what do you need to do?

When posting to your wall make sure to ask open-ended questions, but DONT use engagement bait. Your post will be demoted if you have Clicked like or Comment below. Yea I know it sucks, but this will get rid of the Click Like and Share if you agree. We will have to find a way to tell people to talk to each other without saying talk to each other.

I am actually thinking of posting phrases like what are your thoughts and things similar to see if that builds a conversation. There is more than one way to de-fur a feline so just get creative.

Know and understand that just Likes and reactions are now gone. People will still be able to give you a Ha-ha or thumbs up. It will add a minuscule amount to the weight of to your post. It won’t do nearly as much good as people talking to each other. The more conversations you have among your fans the better. If a family member of your community jumps in and starts talking the better it is.

This is because Facebook wants more interaction and conversation between friends and family.

News Feed FYI: Bringing People Closer Together

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, January 11, 2018


Video is nowhere nearly as important as it was

 Video is, primarily, a passive experience. You tend to just sit back and watch it. And while you’re watching it, you’re not usually liking or comment or speaking with friends. So this change is, in part, a reaction to how the ecosystem has shifted around us. – Adam Mosseri (VP, News Feed at Facebook)

Many folks know that for the past 3 years it has been all about the video. If you posted a video you pretty much were guaranteed that you were going to show up to the majority of your fans.

This is no longer true. Because when you are watching a video, you are not commenting. You are not engaging with the person who is posting it. More other than not people watch the video they like it and then they share it.

Facebook doesn’t care about that anymore. If you can get them to talk about the video then your post will show up even more. Also if you have content that people seek out. That will more than likely show up in the news feed.

This means if you are doing video you are going to have to step up your engagement game. You are also going to have to focus on the quality of the shows. If you are wanting to see more videos you will have to go look at the Watch tab

Live Video is still important

Though the video isn’t nearly as important as it has been for the last 3 years. There is one type of video that is still very important. That is live streaming. If you are live streaming regularly great awesome. You are going to want to keep it up. If you don’t live stream, you I am going to say you need to start taking a long hard serious look at it. This will probably be what separates the successful pages from the unsuccessful.

Why is Live streaming still a good thing? Because of the interactions it generates. There is that back and forth conversation. People asking questions and you are responding to them. If you take the time to build your community they will happily start showing up for your live streams. If you haven’t it will take a bit of time to get people going but they will start showing up.

How Videos are going to be displayed

Your videos will still be displayed and you will still get views and interactions. Your videos will be found in a completely different area. If you haven’t looked through the Watch tab on the Left-hand side of Facebook through the desktop browser, or the watch tab at the bottom of the mobile app, do so. This is where all videos are going to be showing up. It will be algorithmically sorted but your videos are here.

If you can get people to talk replay and start conversations about this video you will be shown to more people. But the conversations are, again, the most important.

Decrease Posting Frequencies

Remember that Facebook isn’t twittered. Even then Twitter isn’t twittered but that is a different story. You may have seen people like Martha Stewart who posts once an hour. The old thought is the more posts I have the more engagement I have. The more engagement I have the more eyes I will be in front of. That doesn’t work anymore and actually hasn’t worked for about 6 -9 months.

Remember it is about conversations now. Also, the weight that each post has is accumulative for a period of time. What that amount of time is, I honestly couldn’t tell you. It seems to be around a week but I don’t have any concrete evidence in that.

Here is what I mean. Monday you throw up a post that gets a couple of likes and a share. That post will have a weighted score on it. For this example, let us say it is 1. The next day you throw up another post that gets 2 thumbs up and that is it. Since your last post didn’t get that much in the way of conversations going, this new post is going to be shown less. Each post will be demoted because of the lack of deep meaningful conversations. You will be able to see each number of reaches getting lower and lower.

This is because Facebook isn’t going to show stuff that isn’t going to get people talking. If you throw up a post that doesn’t create engagement it isn’t going to be shown. Each post after that is getting pushed lower and lower on the Newsfeed. This will keep going till you are only getting a reach of 4-5 people.

If you back off and let the accumulated score drop off a bit. Your next post will be shown again in front of more people.

Ads just got very important

If you thought you were able to just build your page and following without spending money, well, that is going to be a long hard journey. You will need to start looking at making an advertising budget. Ad sadly everybody else is going to notice this also. So the days of $.05 ads are gone.

Amount of place Facebook is able to put ads is very limited. So with the increase of advertising activity is causing the prices to rise. How much? I can’t honestly say but they are going to be rising.

Ads are pretty much the only place that will allow you to get placed in front of strangers. So start figuring out how to use Facebook ads. They aren’t hard to figure out but they do require some tinkering.

Learn how to use Chatbot’s

A couple of years ago during an F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg talked about chatbot’s and how they are going to be changing how we use Facebook messenger. Well, the need for chatbots has arrived.

You are going to want to find a way to incorporate these bots into your marketing funnel. These bots will be one of the better ways to make sure your fans are notified that you have released new content.

If you want to know how to use and build a messenger bot there are many tutorials on the net. Some are paid others are free but I would at least get familiar with these bots so you don’t fall behind.

Teach See First

This will get a bit annoying for a while. That is because you will eventually see everybody commenting that they want you to click See First. See first, is the following option that overrides the algorithm and allows you to see 30 specific people’s posts. You choose the 30 so this is a very limited space.

How do you activate the See First?

  1. Go to a page or profile of someone whose posts you don’t want to miss. Say it is Goodwin Social Media’s Facebook page.
  2. Once you are on that page you will see the Like button and beside it will be the Following button.
    Screen shot of an iPhone that has the Liked and Following buttons circled.
  3. Click the Following button
  4. Here you will see that there are three choices.
    1. Unfollow – which means you see no updates from that person or page.
    2. Follow – This is the default
    3. See First – This puts you before all the other posts and you will see more of these posts
  5. Choose the See First and then you can back out of the selection and that is it you have a see first.

Talk about the Pages Feed

Your Facebook news feed has several different feeds. Beside the explorer feed, you also have a feed for just the pages you have liked. Educate your followers about the Pages feed that way we can show Facebook that people like to go to pages for their entertainment and information.

Talk about it often, people will get used to looking for it. Now this won’t have only your page in it but it will have all the pages that your fan has liked.

Don’t try to cheat the system

I know it will be in the nature of many Internet Marketeers to try to game the system. They will be trying to use a couple of different tactics that Facebook has already foreseen. The first is using your personal profile.

Thinking you will use your personal profile to get more engagement you have thought wrong. These new algorithm changes are applied to both Public Pages and Private profiles. So if you post a crappy non-engagement post guess what your friends will not see? If you guessed that post then you are correct!

So even with your profile, you will want to make sure you have deep conversations going on.

What about groups you ask? At the moment there is nothing other than I am not seeing them in your newsfeed. But they are still showing up in notifications. Yet, if people go overboard and think they can use groups to get around the algorithm you will be sad when they make that adjustment too. So don’t overdo it on the groups.

Right now a lot of groups are highly curated and are hubs of conversation so as long as people keep talking then the groups will stay handy in getting reach.

I know this is a lot to take in. Facebook knows they are going to lose a good chunk of money because people are no longer going to spend the amount of time they use to spend. Advertisers have been told that the time spent is going to drop significantly.

FInd ways to strike up conversations. Post regularly but deliberately and make sure you hare posting high-quality conversation centric posts.  Find a way to use your Live video and look at chatbots.

Do you have any other strategies you think will work on the new Facebook algorithm? Let’s have that conversation down below.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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