Pinterest is one of those social networks that is a marketing power house, and this power hose is often over looked. With the Buyable pins that allow you make sales easier through Pinterest. There is now a Better location information for your brick and mortar stores. So far, 7 million pins have store information added Place Pins.  This information isn’t just your store’s name but address, hours and phone numbers. You are also able to look around in the Place pins and

What are place pins?

They are a type of Rich pin that allows for pinners to add location information to a pin. These pins are normally used for pinners who are wanting to plan out a vacation or add places or events for their bucket list. Now the list is able to add a business or a venue. So if you are wanting to visit the famous Basement that is at the Alamo you can now mark it on the map located on your Pinterest Boards. For those interested The Basement is actually across the street from the Alamo. This is then able to be shared to all of your followers.

How to access place pins

You can create a pin board or you can go to the settings for an existing Pin board and turn the map option on. From then on after you add a pin to that board you can edit that pin and add the address or name of the establishment to that pin. This way when you look at the board you will see a map of your pins laid out in their respective locations.

How to get listed in Place Pins

This is done by Pinterest automatically. From what I have been able to gather, if you have your location tags in place Pinterest takes your business data from the Open Graph tags. So if you happen to have WordPress make sure you have the needed Open Graph tags in your header. This can be done with Yoast or Local Business SEO plugins.

Do you use Pinterest’s Place Pins? Are you finding the added information helpful? If so please comment below

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Pinterest just helped the Small business out even more
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