There is the saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. If you have heard it once I am sure you have heard this a thousand times. Yet it is true. Well true in my eyes. Because if you don’t have a roadmap planned then all you are doing is floundering around and not really getting much done.

Set goals

Checklist for goal settingWhat do you want to achieve this coming year? Think about it. Sit down with a pad of paper and write down all the goals you can think of that will help your business. Think of how these possible goals are able to help your business. Find an overarching goal that you would like to achieve over the whole year.

Examples of an overarching goal would be.

Make $20,000 Monthly sales, or maybe you Increase your followers by 1000, maybe you want to finally start a YouTube channel and have a vlog. Whatever your goal is, don’t make it too easy. If you can say you want to increase your sales by 10,000 and it doesn’t make you nervous or scared at least a little bit then maybe you might up the difficulty a little.

Some goal setters actually set three goals a base goal. This is a goal that can be a challenge. Then they make an “It would be really cool if…” goal. Then finally they make a “Pie in the Sky” or Miracle goal. This last is usually something that you could attain but you don’t think you could really make it.

Many people find out that after the years end. They have either made or exceeded the miracle goal. So you might aim higher than you think possible because the worst that is going to happen if you don’t make that Pie in the Sky goal is you got closer to it than if you hadn’t tried.

Make the Goals SMART

You can easily say you will get more customers or more followers, but that type of goal is in all reality is not going to work. You want to build a smart goal. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

With that layout, you want to have a goal that is more specific than getting more followers. You might say that you want to have 1000 new Likes on Facebook by December 1st.


When you are specific you make a direct connection with that goal. It is easier to see that goal if you are specific. There is nothing wrong with going over that amount. You don’t have to stop once you reach that line. Just give yourself a definite line in the sand. That way you have a tangible target.


The example goal that was set up gives you a means to measure how close you are getting to that goal each month. In this example, we know that each month you have to grow your likes by 83 people. That becomes little more than 20 people a week. That number is not too tough.

If you have a means to measure your progress you can tell if your plans are working or if you need to change tactics to reach that social media goal.


Which is more attainable? 1000 people in a year or a million people in a month? Well, you could get lucky and get a million people in a month but it is more attainable to get than 1000 in a year. This is to help you not give up on your plans. You know that you can actually make it.


Make sure your goal for your social media business is something that deals with your business. If you run a Vacuumed cleaner repair shop having the goal of running a marathon is going to do your business any good. Now is your goal is to sponsor a Marathon then that might work. But running a marathon? Why would you want to beat yourself up that way anyhow?


Hour glass for timeliness The last key to setting a good goal is to set a deadline. You will have this goal completed by no later than ___________.  Again the more specific the better. By 3 pm on Dec 18, you will have completed whatever your goal is.

Write the Goals Down

Once these goals are set you can then design how you will implement these goals. You can lay out a roadmap as to how you believe you can reach the goals you created. Write the goal down. Use a Pen or Pencil and paper but write your goals down on to paper.

What Writing the goals and steps down is that you cement those goals into your subconscious. So that you are always thinking about reaching that goal. You will get more of those eureka moments while in the shower. So you want to physically write them down typing it out doesn’t work quite the same way.

For each goal you have listed, under it write 4 steps you will need to achieve that objective. The reason for the minimum of 4 steps is so you can have a mini goal for each quarter. And to reach that mini goal you can the break each goal down to a monthly goal so you can reach that Quarterly goal.

Mastermind It

Lastly, if you have a mastermind or a close positive friend let them know and this will help you keep focused. Some people like to say you are held accountable. While that is one way to look at it I think you can hold yourself accountable. Yet, these people will help you stay on the right path and they have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

Yes, it is the New Year and no you are not too late. You can make winning smart goals and start down the path of having a stupendous year in business. You just need to stop for a moment and decide what you want to achieve. If some plates break that OK it is called reorganizing and that happens from time to time. So go get’em, tiger.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

Social Media Manager at Goodwin Social Media
Bryan has been in the social media field in one form or another. whether it is blogging, podcasting, or trying out the latest social network . There is a good chance that you will find him talking somewhere.
I am here!

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