Facebook now has the ability for you to manager your copyrighted material.We all know how difficult it is to show off your creative work online. You have right click inhibitors and water marks on your bodies of work. This is to try to keep people from using the results of your time and talents for their gain. So how do you show your work a large gathering of people? These folks could possibly be interested in your work. Yet, you don’t want to get ripped off at the same time.

Well, that place may just have the solution. You might be able to keep people from posting your work as their own or you may be able to get the ad revenue if people try to run ads on it.

Facebook has come up with a rights management service that can help keep your copyrighted work where it needs to be, In your control. You won’t have to worry about people freebooting your video onto Facebook. You can now put the kybosh on those unscrupulous people claiming your videos. That masterpiece you painstakingly worked on for 2 months can now be shown to your adoring fans without worrying about one of them using it as a cover image without acknowledging your hard work.

How does Facebook Rights Management work?

In a nutshell, you will upload your copyrighted work to your reference library. Say an amazing picture you took while at an exotic location. You would set the specific rules to how it can be shared and used.

The reference library can be used for video and Audio works as well. So Podcasters, youtubers, and Facebook live streamers are also able to control how your intellectual property is used and shared online.

If a page wants to use your work, and you allow it you just add that person to the approved whitelist and then they can share but other people still will not be able too.

What happens when Facebook finds a copyright offender?

There are 4 different actions that happen when a person breaks your copyright.

  • Monitor Match – With this option you will get access to all stats of this Intellectual property. This includes views and follows. The offending freebooter will still be able to show the content but you are able to monitor their activity.
  • Block Match – Just as it sounds this gives you the power to block anybody from posting your work on their page or profile.
  • Manually Review Match – this is actually pretty good if you want to make sure that a person is just a fan and is wanting to tell people about you. Because our fans often do not understand copyright law and do not realize that they are hurting the very person they are bragging about. This way you can see if they are well meaning or out to steal.
  • Claim Ad Earnings – This is more for the video this who are freebooting a viral ad and getting paid by Facebook’s ad service. This way they are actually helping you out by sharing your video but you get the money.

If you have decided that there is too much of your workout on Facebook you can actually submit a takedown notice that will actually work for 150 instances of your property in question. Or if you went a little heavy-handed you can also have a video, picture or audio work restored.

How do I access Rights management?

To Gain access to your Facebook Rights management you will need to first apply for access When you are approved you will then have access on your page’s admin screen.

So Photographers and painters rejoice! This could help you put your work out for the world to see while still protecting you. Youtubers and Live streamers, you can now help ensure that your viral video stays credited to you. You will have all the control over your work that you could possibly want. I have applies for access and I haven’t received approval yet. but when I do will share more details with you.

So, you have access to Rights Management? How well do you like it? Is it good? let us know in the comments below.

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Protecting Your Rights on Facebook
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