Alright, Have reached the end of this blogging series. I thought I would show you have I put everything together so that you can catch the full overall picture.

I have a self-hosted WordPress blog. My topic of discussion is Social Media. I wanted to cover how a small business could actually handle their social media while still being able to have a life after business hours.

I have tried blogging daily it is possible but that is if I have all the time in the world. I was able to do it for a couple of weeks but you quickly run out of topics to talk about. unless you are crazy dedicated to your passion. So I chose to post weekly. In fact, I post every Monday at 6 am. Unless there is a special holiday that I want to bring attention to, like Social Media Day or International Podcast day.

Seo wise I normally think of three keywords that I want to use specifically for this post. Then add 2 more words that are overarching for the whole blog that I try to slip into each post.

For this post, my 3 words are Blog, Success, and series. While my two overall words are Social Media and Small Business. I don’t always get them into the post but I do try. If I can work it into the post to where it sounds natural then it is a no go. I also try to get links to other blogs in for a little Google love.

I often find topics to write about through podcasts that I listen to.  I also use an RSS reader to scan through other blogs about social media a great site is The Social Media Hat by Mike Alton

I don’t do much in the way of revenue generation with this site because I use it as a calling card more than a money maker but I do have a few affiliate accounts like Blue host.

So there you go a short overview of how I use the tips from this series. I did learn something while writing this series and it is why I am about a write another series. The lesson I learned is to have a plan. I laid out the different topics I wanted to write about for this series. That way each week it was easy for me to decide what I was going to write about. So if you are stuck then think of a series that has 4 or more parts and you just may be surprised.

Thank you for reading if you have any comments or questions please ask them in the comments below.

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You Are Here ->Bringing it all together

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

Social Media Manager at Goodwin Social Media
Bryan has been in the social media field in one form or another. whether it is blogging, podcasting, or trying out the latest social network . There is a good chance that you will find him talking somewhere.
I am here!

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