Your kids might have the app on their phone. You see it and it worries you because you don’t know what pictures your dear, darling, innocent, daughter could be sending and to whom. This app is Snapchat, one of the fastest growing social networks on the net right now. No, it isn’t entirely because of the disappearing pictures. Companies and people who are building communities on Snapchat. You can look up Shonduras or Taco Bell to see the type if interaction that is going on in Snapchat.

Here recently there were some changes to Snapchat that may not mean too much to some or it could be the change they were looking for depending on who you are and whether you use Snapchat. The Changes are nothing earth shattering. Yet they are notable in that the changes help functionality, and discoverability. Especially discoverability.

Tap to View

In the app one of the big problems us older folks often have with snap chat is, to view a picture sent to us we have to keep our finger on the screen. Often we will tap the picture get a very, very brief glimpse of the funny face that was sent to us and it was gone. You don’t know what the message said or anything. Poof! Like a ghost. Granted eventually Snapchat makes gave you a chance to review it once more. Yet now Snapchat has learned that some of us are not a quick and have tapping engrained in our habits. Therefore Snapchat now allows for Tap to view. This way you just tap the message or Story and you can see all that was meant for your eyes and ears.

Search Nearby

If you have a friend that is on Snapchat and you are having difficulty finding them on the user search then the new Search nearby feature will come in very handy. All that needed is to go to the Add Friends and Choose “Add Nearby” When you and your friend both have Add Nearby open you will see each other on the screen you can the click the plus and be on your way.


Snapcodes are Snapchats QR codes don’t know very many people that use them but you can post them up on websites and other places that you choose. The following is my snapcode and it is a test I have been running for my podcast “Podcast Dojo”. This allows for ease of people to find you and if they choose follow your stories. You also are able to put your image in the Ghost in the middle and this image will be an animated Gif that shows up on the results. SO have fun place your logo or your product in with your face.

And for security nerds

There are those people who take security very seriously and Snapchat allows for two factor authentication. This makes it very difficult to just guess the password and take over a person’s account because you have to have a second verification process to prove you are who you claim. Most people will find it very inconvenient but it does.

Though many people don’t fully understand Snapchat it is still one of the fastest growing Social Networks apps online right now. And its audience is some of the most engaged people you will come across. Don’t dismiss it as just that Sexting app because there is a lot more to it than teens trading Picts.

Does your company have a strategy for Snapchat? Is it working? Do you see as much engagement as other companies? Let us know in the comments below.

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