Snapchat released version 9.15 and with it, if you have looked on online, is Rainbow tongues, Teary eyes, and many more videos overlays called Lenses.

How to get the Lens to show

The lens are not that obvious to bring up. First have your face adequately lit. And long press on your face. When you do this correctly your face will get a wire mesh overlay for a second and then the lenses show up at the bottom. The functions are the same as normal Snapchat. Long press to make videos and a short tap for a snap.

There is the old man with a monocle (updated: Removed)

This lens is has apparently been removed due to lack of interest. But the lens would give you a look of wrinkled look with a monocle over one eye.

Rainbow Tongue

Quite possibly the most popular lens on Snapchat. I have seen people using this lens more than any other lens.  Basically what this lens does is when you open your mouth you have a sparkly rainbow pouring out of your mouth. With your cheeks becoming red and your eyes get a rather large magnification.

Robot vision

This looks like something from a terminator video or looks like you are inside the Ironman suit. Either way there are a lot happening in this lens? There is a target that centers on the left eye and it reacts to your head movement.

Hearts for eyes

To show a fan or a friend some love! This will do the trick your eyes are covered with hearts. That is till you raise your eye brows and POP! The hearts pop and it is just you. That is till the hearts return over your eyes.

Teary eyes

Let someone know that you sympathize with them. Or that you clownishly are sad. This lens opens with tears under your eyes and then when you raise your eye brows the tears flow is a rather funny way.

Evil laugh

This one is fun when you are being annoying because your face turns dark and your Dirk Snidely mustache is placed under your nose and when you open your mouth you get a maniacal laugh.

Gossip Magazine Cover

With the clicking of Camera shutters and the random text you can look famous


Another fun one and it is even more fun when they don’t align correctly because when you open your mouth you are support to have steam shoot out of your nose. But when it aligns you might get steam shooting out of one nostril which make for some comical images.

Other features

You now no longer have to take a screenshot to save images. Now you just have to press the download icon on the lower left. When you are in a story at the bottom of the page you can press the up arrow and you will see new options listed here too along with the download button.

So have fun as you create your different stories theirs week in Snapchat. See if you can incorporate or two. You might have fun creating it.

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Snapchat Lenses Are Innovative Video Filters
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