What is one of the biggest complaints small and medium sized businesses have when it comes to social media? “I don’t have time.” You are busy as a Business owner. It is true with all the different hats you wear, sometimes several at the same time.When are you suppose to find the time?

This is the frustrating man small to medium business owners experience as they are going through their day.I have talked about the past times you can squeeze a little extra time into your small business social media strategy. Yet, there are tools you can use that will also help with your strategy. These tools can help you save time and allow for you to focus on your business and the customers at hand.

Many of then I have mentioned before but are worth mentioning again. while others items I haven’t ever talk about with you.

Narrow Your Focus

Let’s start off with the hardest one for a social media manager to deal with. That is narrow your focus. I believe in the be everywhere philosophy. Now, I don’t mean be absolutely everywhere. That spreads you too thin and you will not be able to provide the best customer service. If you are literally everywhere you will drop the ball and you will have customer fall through the cracks. Those relationships will be lost and almost impossible to get back. If you are having trouble being everywhere scale back. Keep those accounts active but you might just point some interested people over to your more active accounts.

instead of having 5 accounts on twitter to cover different aspects of your business. Reduce the number of accounts to just the main account and put your whole focus into that account. you customers will like it and it will have e a closer sense of community.

If you do not have a big following on Snapchat then don’t use it. focus more on where your customers are more engaged. I will say keep active on the three main social network platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have a good following on the other networks then don’t forget them. In other words keep that YouTube Channel open if you are growing on that network.

Automate (Sparingly)

I always like to proceed any advice with automatic with this little warning.


The keyword in social media is SOCIAL. Though automation can be used it doesn’t always mean that it has to be used. Too much automation and you come across as robotic. No personality. no personality means no community. so Like salt use sparingly.

Alright now that the warnings are done. Automation is one of the best ways to save time Best because you can spend an hour and load up your Buffer or some other similar service and let it go. You can then seed out your content. That way you are posting something each day and you don’t have to think too much about it.


This is automation set to the AHHH level. What IFTTT stands for is “If This… Then That” It is a programming line of thinking. Another way to look at it is  IF the napkin drops THEN Reach down and get it. For the longest time, these little programs were called recipes but recently IFTTT made some changes and they are now known as Applets.

There are hundreds if not thousands of these applets that allow for you do do a huge range of tasks for your social media.

For instance, you can keep your Facebook and twitter profile pictures the same with an app. So what happens is if you change your Facebook profile then IFTTT notices the change and then will take that picture and post it up as your profile picture on Twitter. You can also post you Instagram picture up as an actual picture on twitter instead of a link. Those are two of the most popular ones.

Head over a browse the different applets you will be surprised at what it can do. You might also be a little irritated at what it can’t do. After you really get the grasp of the power in your hands.

Social Jukebox

One of the best ways to grow your audience is to repost some of your older blog posts. That way you get fresh eyes on your content. Social Jukebox does just that. This freemium web app allows for you to build a list of tweets that will be sent out in a random order at specifically spaced intervals.

All you have to do is set the times. Add the tweets. Which can actually take a little bit of time, or if you like you can add your RSS feed but it lacks the personality. That is because it just uses your post title. You can create a better experience with a handcrafted tweet for each post. If you feel really adventurous then you could create 3 different tweets for each post. Since the tweets are released in random order.


Hello, Meet Edgar. he is Social Jukebox and adds lots more options. You have lots of the same options that Social Juke Box has but you are able to choose what type of content you want to be released on what day.

So Tuesdays may be more comical. So if you have some funny blog posts available, you might have scheduled here. You are able to place your blog posts under different categories. Then have those categories be released under different days. Taking the trouble of what to post this week completely off the table.


If your business is using Pinterest then the best scheduler for Pinterest is none other than Tailwind*.  This is a premium application that helps you schedule and understands the analytics of your pins.

So Tailwind is above all else a scheduler for Pinterest. but on top of that one of the very few authorized schedulers. So you don’t have to worry about violating any of Pinterest’s Terms of Service.

You are also able to monitor your pins that you save. You are also able to see trends on how people are pinning your products.You also able to see if people are talking about your products and brand.

With the analytics, you can track your board’s growth repins and comments. Are you using a hashtag? Tailwind’s analytics will help track those too.

With all of this information, you are able to tell what when and what boards you need to post what type if pin. As I have said Tailwind is a great app if you are pinning


The original scheduling app. Buffer allows you to such dual posts for a wide array of social networks. you are able to have a buffer of 10 posts in the free account if you want up to 200 posts you can get a subscription that only costs $10 a month. That is hardly going to break the bank.

You are able to post to Twitter, Facebook profile Pages and groups, Linked in Profiles and the only one that can post to Pages. Google Plus profiles and pages Pinterest with a subscription. And If you want to be reminded to post to your Instagram account you can have that too.

When it comes to scheduling you can actually set the time to post your best times. So if you get the most interactions on Tuesday at 10:15 am then you can set your buffer to post at that time.


Now this can go with scheduling of your posts. Batching is nothing more than doing a whole topic of posts all in one setting. So, you might spend a day writing a months worth of blog posts. Then again it might be a couple of hours just scheduling your different posts for Facebook. Either way, you are able to condense the time you have and into a single period. Doing this you are able to concentrate for a longer period of time and-and get more done than if you were to do small snippets throughout the week.

Social Media Calendar

This takes a little forethought but if you spend the time to work out and design a social media calendar you will be surprised as to how much time you save. First of all, it helps to eliminate the “What am I going to write about?” phase of writing. You can free up so much time with a little help from planning what you are going to write.

Building a social media planner helps you see what subjects need to be addressed. it also allows for you to better plan for specials for certain products.The media calendar allows for you to have the 30,000-foot view of your plans and objectives. That way you are not wasting time doing blog posts that will not help you achieve your objectives.

Social Media Manager or Coach

Then you have the best option out of them all. You can hire a social media coach or a social media manager. A social media coach helps guide you to the goals you want to achieve. This can be to help you build a better engage audience or it may be to add more people to your mailing list. A social media coach can help be that accountability partner or a sounding wall for bouncing ideas.

A social media manager is the ultimate time saver. With a social media manager you have the meetings to make sure everybody is still on the same page and then the Social media manager takes over and runs the show for your company. They help cover the conversations and provide customer service for the online community.

Either way, you choose whether you want hands on or more hands off These two choices allow for you to focus almost your entire time on your business and keep social media still in the plans. You can grow your community and help generate sales with both of these choices but that choice is up to you.

This new year that is coming up use it to help build your social media if you need help you can schedule for me call you for a free 30 coaching call. we can help build a base or find a solution to a small problem.

If you need help with any of the other time-saving tools listed her you can leave a comment below and I would love to help you out.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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Bryan has been in the social media field in one form or another. whether it is blogging, podcasting, or trying out the latest social network . There is a good chance that you will find him talking somewhere.
I am here!

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