Setting up your social media sites can be a little daunting because you go to use an image and it doesn’t fit right it gets cut off at the critical part. You make an adjustment and another and another and around the 37th iteration, you finally have something you can live with. And that was just the Facebook’s cover image, you have yet to think about images needed for your ad sized. What about Twitter, and YouTube? Don’t forget the image-centric sites like Pinterest and Instagram. One size does not fit all and can be very expensive if you don’t know what sizes you need your graphic designer to make.

Facebook Sizes


Cover image 851 x 315

This is the smallest and if you go larger you will be able to do some adjustment. If you do not keep the aspect ratio in check though you will have something cut off. Also, you might keep some dead space in the lower left-hand corner because your profile will be placed over this.

Profile picture

Speaking of profiles go no smaller than 160 X 160 and you will be doing some adjustment if you don’t hold the 1:1 ratio here also.

Facebook Ad Sizes

There are a few different sizes you will be faced with depending on the type of Facebook Ad you are using

1200 x 444 for Likes and Events

1200 X 675 Video

1200 X 900 for Posts

600 x 600 Carousel

1200 x 628 for all else

If you need more help and more clarification then you can use the Facebook Help

Page posts


No smaller than 470 pixels wide for the post to fill the page so height a completely up to your choosing.

Facebook Groups


400x 150 If you go larger you will be able to adjust the placement



Header image

1500 x 500 This is the large image that is in the same place as the cover image. Twitter likes to be different.

Profile image

Larger than 200 x 200 but 400 x 400 is a good start Just remember to keep the 1:1 ratio so you don’t have to worry about squeezing or clipping.

Post images

Canva’s template is 1024 x 512 so that is what I would go with.

Twitter Cards

Thank you again @jvidal822
Thank you again @jvidal822

Twitter is pretty easy in their recommendations. The biggest rule of thumb I am seeing is that they don’t want the file size of the twitter card images to be more than one megabyte. The following is a little more detail of the different size specifications.


Minimum 120 x 90

Summary with Large image

280 x 150


No actual image is shown other than the icon from the store


262×262 square image, or a 350×196 16:9 image


Any size as long as it is under 1MB in size


Any size again as long as each image in the gallery is under 1MB

Product card

Any size but needs to be a 1:1 ratio or 120 x 120

Twitter Ads

Normal ads are best at 600 x 150

Website centric campaign image sizes are better at 800 x 320



Background image is the image that is similar to the Cover image on Facebook

Anywhere from 1400 x 425 up

Company Page Banner 646 x 220

Logos 100 x 60 or 50 X 50

Ads 50 x 50

Sponsored posts 800 x 400



Cover Image

Recommend 1080 x 608

Profile image 250 x 250

Collections 480 x 270

Community Profile 960 x 540



YouTube has some of the largest images you will use

Channel art 2560 x 1440 but the amount was shown is 1546 x 423

Profile 1:1 ratio but good to have it at 800 X 800

Video Thumbnails 1280 x 720

Ads are also 1280 x 720

If you are needing more details you can look at the YouTube Spec page



Profile 160 x 160

Board cover image 222 x 150

Pins Min 600 x with a height of 900 to 2100


Post-1936 x 1936 max

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