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OK, You have been waiting with baited breath to use instant articles. You got the WordPress plugin installed it and now…

What?! Isn’t it just working? What am I doing wrong?

Yeah, I get ya, That first day I worked till I was calling the engineers over at Facebook Poopyface and still not getting anywhere. So, How do you get your site Facebook Instant Articles compliant? This is what I am going to help resolve.

Setting up your Instant articles I found out is a 3 task process. each task, in turn, contains a few steps so there is no instant setup for Instant Articles. There are places where you just have to sit and wait. then sit and wait some more. So let us get this show on the road with

Task 1 – Installing the Plugin

  1. Download the plugin.from the WordPress Plugin repository. if you are looking for the plugin through your WordPress site then do a search for instant articles and you will see, probably on the second row, Instant Articles for WP and it will be By: trrine, olethomas, Bjørn Johansen, Dekode, Automattic, and Facebook. Where ever, it shows up to make sure it is the one that has both Facebook and Automatic. This is because I have no experience with Page Frog or any of the other plugins.
  2. After installing the plugin and activating it, you will see Instant Articles on the Left-hand Menu Column. Click itFBPageIASettings
  3. In a new tab navigate to Facebook’s Instant Articles page
  4. Click sign up
  5. Choose your page in the list
  6. Check the box saying you again accept giving up all your worldly values
  7. Click the Enable Instant Articles button
  8. Now, this is a step I didn’t know I was going to need. you have to have a facebook app. Now don’t freak out it is easier than it sounds
    1. Login to Facebook.
    2. Go to the Facebook Developers Website
    3. Click the Register Button at the topFBDevRegister
    4. In the Popup window, Select Yes to the policies and that you will hand over your first born child to the all-powerful Facebook and the Register Button will enable.
    5. Click Done
    6. you should see the followingFBDevNewApp
    7. Choose Website
    8. in the new page give your App a name
    9. Click Create new Facebook App ID button.
    10. Enter your Email address
    11. Select a category
    12. The Press the Create App ID buttonAppId
    13. in the top right-hand corner, you will see skip quick start
    14. Now you have the App Id and secret for your Plugin
    15. Now Choose Settings to the left
  9.  Copy your App ID and paste it in the to App ID section of your plugin activationPluginActivation
  10. On the Developers page Click the show button (You will have to retype your password for security) and copy your App Secret. Then paste it into the App Secret field on your website.
  11. Click NextPluginActivationNext
  12. Click on the Blue Login With Facebook buttonLoginWithFB
  13. Choose OK, don’t have to worry about the submitting for review.
  14. then Choose OK again
  15. Now you will choose which page you want to have the Instant articles associated with. If you have more than one page you will have a drop-down list if you only have one page then click Next

Task 2 – Configuring Instant Articles

  1. Go to your facebook page Or if you are using you will need to go there. For the example, we are going to be using my Smokehouse beef jerky page
  2. Click on the setting in the top right-hand corner.FBPageSettings
  3. On the Left-hand column down little ways, you will see Instant Articles listed. Click and you will see your Instant Articles settings. These will be divided up into 3 steps
  4. We are going to focus on the Tools down at the bottom.
  5. Claim your URL. put just the domain name so for example if your site is then put just the domain
  6. Click Claim URL
  7. If you just turned everything on you will probably get an error saying

    The fb:pages tag on the url doesn’t contain this page’s id. The url has fb:pages tag but they don’t have this page’s id. Please work with your developers / webmaster to add this tag to your website.

  8. This ends up being a waiting game. You have to wait for something on Facebook’s side to process and then you are good to go so Check in periodically and try this step again. But while you are waiting you can do the other Tools
  9. In the Production RSS feed, enter the Instant articles RSS feed. This will more than likely be If you go to this page you will see a lot of code stuff that is OK don’t worry about something being broke you are not supposed to understand it is for Facebook to understand and they are smarter than both of us put together.
  10. Click Save
  11. For Development RSS feed You can leave blank.
  12. For audience network if you want to advertise on your instant articles. If you want the possibility of earning some money from Facebook then check the box iof you don’t then don’t check the box.
  13. Now we are onto Styles. This is important you need this setup so. If you need more details you can read the design guide provided by Facebook
  14. Choose Add Style
  15. Name Your Style. Best to keep it simple cause you are going to have to enter it in the plugin Settings
  16. Now you need to upload your 690px X 132 px transparent png graphics. These are the dimensions and it needs to be a transparent PNG file and at those dimensions. So sent that request over to your Graphic designer and again this is a possible waiting spot but if you have it Click the Upload Logo button and select your graphic
  17. From here you just need to choose what colors you want. the color boxes are in Hex code so just click the box and enter the color hex number you want. If you are needing help you can use
  18. You can also change your Fonts but the selection is rather limited.
  19. Once you have all your design settings chosen click Save at the top.
  20. Then choose if you want email notifications to any issues you are having with your articles. I would say yes but this option is up to you.

Task 3 – Get your articles reviewed.

This step is maddening. The is no real good easy to understand documentation on how to get the Submit for Review button to highlight! in fact, this was the problem till the weekend. Then while having coffee I tripped over the answer while looking at some other  information about my Facebook page.EnableButton.jpg

And you are saying oh that is good but how do I get my stuff submitted! As your Keyboard keys are crunching under the frustration of wanting to know.

To Submit your Instant Articles for review…

  1. In your Facebook page go to Publishing Tools
  2. On the left, you will see Instant Articles
  3. Click on the Production
  4. Check all of the articles you have listed here.
  5. The choose the SETUP button.
  6. This will direct you back to the Instant Articles under settings
  7. You will now see the Submit for Review is enabled! Hazzah!
  8. Now Click that bad boy and be ready.

No, I have also noticed that they have changed the number of required articles from 50 to 10 for those new writers. SO Great to hear.Now we are at the waiting point again and so this step by step will be finished when the review is done in 24-48 hours.

Are you having problems with your Facebook Instant Articles? Did you find a solution? share it with us in the Comment section below.

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