Meerkat is an instant streaming service that picked up a lot of fanfare during the 2015 South by Southwest. Yep you are now able to embed your Meerkat stream to your website or any place you are able to add a Javascript and place it on your site.

Where can you get it?

Go to the Meerkat Embed page

Enter you username or the username you want to embed choose whether you want it to start muted or not. In my opinion I would say yes to mute on the start if people want to listen at the start give them the choice. That is not bad marketing it is being considerate. So, just put a note at the top saying that it is muted for your consideration.

What would this be used for?

Meerkat logoSeveral ideas would be if you are doing a talk and you want to stream this and allow for your customers to receive this information too. This makes it so that they don’t have to load a new app onto their phone or computer. All your audience or customers have to do is to pull up whatever page you have set up as the streaming page.

If you are giving an awards out at your company banquet and you have members of your team who are not able to make it. Then they have an easy place for to see it. Or family members who are not able to attend the banquet they are now able to attend virtually through their browser. It is all about making it easy.

But head this warning, this is not a onetime use and throw away link. Every time you turn on your Meerkat app and start streaming people can see. So, you might think twice before you do that celebratory party Meerkat show because If someone is watching it, you don’t want your lead salesman’s back side showing up when he moons the camera, or your boss flipping off the camera. The opportunity to show your company is human is good but there are limits.

You can view my streaming page and see what the Meerkat embed will look like.

Do you use Meerkat? What do you think of the new embed feature? Comment below.

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