New people to twitter, Yes there are always new people to twitter. Facebook has over a billion people. Twitter in comparison has +500 million people who have tweeted at least once. Even more people have never sent out a single tweet! If you count these folks you are looking at the ballpark of 974 million. So, why is there such a difference between Facebook and their curated content and Twitter with their firehose of information as it cascades down your screen?

The answer is the control of the flow of information. Facebook show you what their algorithm believes you want to see, and show the videos you will enjoy. While Twitter does a lot less tailoring. Yet there are is a great tool you can use to muffle the noise that is too many tweets. That way you are able to enjoy the experience that many people rant and rave about. The secret tool is not a new web app or another browser extension to take up even more memory. Nope, in fact it is has been built into Twitter for quite some time now.


Yes, that little feature you may have seen but you are not be using except as a part of an IFTTT recipe. The List could better be described as a filter. Removing all outside noises except for those who are on the list. This allows for you to set aside the rest of the twitterverse and focus on one aspect that you are interested in at that moment. With lists you can also open up ways of using twitter if you use Hootsuite or TweetDeck, you can set a list as a column and get access to those lists and respond even faster to a comment.

What to Know about lists

Lists can be public or private. When setting up your lists for the first time you will be asked of the list is going to be public or private. The private list is for your eyes only. People who you add to the list will not even be able to see into that list. The people added to the list will not even know that they are added to the list. All third party people will be able to see is, there is a list by whatever name you have called it.

Public lists you can see and even follow. If you have a very carefully crafted and cared for list and if it creates enough value for people you will start having people follow your list. That can increase your reach as well.

TheKeyPeople know when they are added to public lists and what the list name is. So you might not want to add a person to that Waste of Air list unless you want to have someone awfully sore at you. Yet you can also give a person a great compliment when you add them to a list like “The People I Want to Meet” or “Amazing Inspirational people” The person who is added to that list will see that notification and see that you have been paying attention to them and will be excited to know they are reaching someone out there.

You don’t have to follow a person to add then to a list. If you are one who worries about the Follow to Following Ratio you can rest easy and list build away, and you can keep your ratio in check.

Different use cases

Client Prospects

You will at times come across people that could possibly be your idea client. They could use your service or product and at the same time you can be making a dedicated fan of your company all by using lists. The list can help build a great report and understanding of what your clients are looking for and allow for you to better serve your clients or prospective clientele

Close Friends

With the 6 degrees of separation who knows who you might end up talking to. Your close friend might just know Kevin Bacon or his friend may know a person, who knows a person. Yet, lists are exquisite for allowing you to see those tweets you keep missing because of all the other people in your twitter stream. By filtering the other people out, you can keep the great conversation going.

Like Ideas

You are bound to find people that think like you or have at least similar interests. Using Twitter lists to build a collection of people who think like you can help see if you are on the right track

Different Ideas

Yes, you do want to have a list of people who think differently than you do. You cannot develop a good range of knowledge unless your thought process is exercised by some resistance. Striking up a conversation with person from the opposite camp will do two things one expand your world on how a person thinks and also give you a fresher view of the world.

Stalking the Competition

Yes, everyone does it and it is in fact encourage. Your competition is good for you in that competition is always good for the soul of you and of your business. It also helps you pick up those people that might be a little disappointed with the other company and you can help them with your superior service.

With twitter being an information network it is great if you know how to organize that information stream. So how to you use your twitter lists? Leave a comment below.

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