As a person using Facebook, there have been times you have been reading the newsfeed, and you realize that you haven’t seen a post from your good friend from high school in a very long time. Have they fallen off of the map? Are they sick? Did you get defriended for that crazy political post you posted last month? You do a search still trying to figure out’ why is your good friend not showing up one your newsfeed? Are they dying on the side of the road?


The search pulls them up. Whew! They are still alive.

Are you defriended? Nope, friend’s button is still checked, and they even posted something yesterday evening. So, why are their posts not showing up?

You look through the Facebook newsfeed and you see some of your other Facebook friends that have posted, and a lot of Buzzfeed videos. You scroll your Facebook Newsfeed back three days and nothing from your friend. So why is Facebook omitting your best friend from high school? Doesn’t Facebook know you want to live vicariously through their Facebook posts?

Facebook knows you better than you think

Now take your Facebook page, you have been seeing declining interactions for a very long time now, and it only seems to be picking up speed. People are not seeing your posts and there for your page is looking a lot like a ghost town. No discussions, likes, this Facebook page is just not living up to the hype.

What does your High school friend and your page have in common? Answer, you are not getting what you want, and this is because of math. Yep, math has again ruined your life. It plagued you through high school as you and your good friend fawned over the latest heart throb on the cover of Beat magazine, (Yeah I’m old, Bite me). Well, more accurately an algorithm. This algorithm takes all of your likes and non likes, stories you have commented on. Videos you have watched and how long you have watched. Then scales them. It then changes some psychology in to numbers and adds this to be able to determine what you will like in the current and upcoming events. Shake all of this together with the wonders of modern computing and you get what use to be known as Edgerank. Facebook doesn’t officially call it that anymore but I do believe it is still there though it is not mentioned. By what ever name they call it, this algorithm is designed to hide “Boring” Facebook posts and show more of the engaging posts.

In other word Facebook knows what you like to see and that will keep you on Facebooks domain longer. Which is what Facebook wants, and typically what you want. That is till you think of your High school friend and wander why they aren’t showing up. So let’s look at why something like Buzzfeed is able to show up so much.

What does Buzzfeed have that your page doesn’t?

I am pretty sure you have more than one Buzzfeed post on your Facebook newsfeed. So why is Buzzfeed able to show up so darn much and your page is not? They are a large company and they are boosting posts! They have a bigger advertising budget. I am sure they are boosting some of their posts but not all. The key to their success is the videos, and providing engaging content that their audience is wanting.

Darn those cat videos!

Yep, Buzzfeed has latched on to the big item that is in play right now with videos. Facebook is placing a tremendous amount of weight behind videos, because they are actually gunning to beat YouTube in the video realm. Facebook is able to measure what videos you play, and how long your watch. So if you watch a video from start to finish and then like it. You have just shown Facebook’s algorithm that you want more of those types of videos compared to the video that you just scrolled past.

That is why you get the fluffy kitten or dogs failing to be dog’s videos so much in your Facebook Newsfeed, you have shown that you like those types of videos. For me, I have a bunch of Buzzfeed videos of people experiencing foreign food for the first time. They make me laugh and I watch to the end and eventually give a like, and then perform the ultimate compliment by sharing that video. All of those action are different elements that are added to what is to be shown on your newsfeed. The more likes and share you bring to the equation the more videos of the same you see.

So, any video is going to get a little extra weight thrown behind it. Just because it is a video, but there is one type of video that is going to get more weight that another. If you do decide to post up a video or two and you want a little extra foot up. Then you might want to add just a little more work and that is send the upload to Facebook so that it is a native Facebook video. Facebook is going to put more weight behind any video but more so if it is hosted on Facebook. So, post you video on YouTube it is still the second most popular search engine on the internet, but also upload the video to Facebook. Your Facebook fans will have a better chance of seeing it. That video is optimized to run its best on Facebook so your audience will have a better experience with your video.

Also give it a great description. This is how Facebook is going to know what that video is about. The technology still can’t tell what the video contains, so give a good detailed description of the video. That way Facebook knows that this cartoon of a fluffy kitten experiencing foreign food for the first time will be right up someone’s proverbial alley.

Like, like already

The other way you are able to see more of your high school friends posts is to like their posts. You see something they have accomplished, Like It! Like something of theirs that will give Facebook notice that they are posting things you like and Facebook will learn that you want to be shown more of this persons posts in your Facebook newsfeed. I wouldn’t worry about what that person thinks when the notification shows up stating that you liked several posts. This just shows that though you were late to the parade, you did finally make it. I have yet to find anybody that is mad that you liked something.

Now for your page, this is where the challenging part can be. You have to find something that will drive engagement to your page. You can ask for likes and those work to a point, yet they are empty. Empty engagements, does your business about as much good as Funnel Cakes. Yeah they are light and tasty but in the end it is nothing more than fried air. You have to think about who your target audience is. What they want to know? Buzzfeed is in all actuality just a time wasting site. They mainly provide useless information and entertainment. Which is awesome, when you are wanting to waste time. Your fans though are wanting the information you provide. They are eagerly waiting for you to provide the information they are needing. What is that? Here I can’t help, but you know what they want.

Whatever the content you create is make sure it is of quality. Content is king and so just posting a video of something random isn’t going to cut it. Post a video that is centered on your business’s core values and principles. Provide a service to your fans. Help answer their questions. If you know your audience, you know what they are struggling with and you have the expertise to quench that thirst for knowledge. When you have found what your audience likes that is when they will start to like. You will build likes and shares. The key though is to think like your fans. What are they wanting to know and how can you use that in an engaging way.

The takeaway

You can teach Facebook what you want to see, so you will not lose your good friend from High school, and if you post relevant and compelling videos with your posts your customers and fans like help spread the word. Content is king and with the combining of the different Facebook strategies for Growing your Facebook ad free you don’t have to spend as much money.

What are ways you get your customers to like your Facebook posts? Answer down below in the comments section.

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