Did you know there was a new timeline available to select people on Facebook? Yep, you may be hearing people talk about the new rocket feed.

You may have read blog posts and hear other people talking about Facebook’s second feed that is slowly being rolled out to different folks. Some people are acting like it is a good thing while other folks make it sound like it is the end is the world.

Well, what if I was to tell you that this second feed you and I are hearing so much about isn’t your second feed nor is it the fifth feed. In fact, there are countless feeds on Facebook that I am sure you haven’t accessed in a very long time if at all.

This post is going to help open Your eyes to all of the fun interesting and helpful feed Facebook actually has in store for you.

The Normal Feed

This is your default feed. When you open up Facebook your are presented with this news feed. You hear of people complaining that Facebook isn’t letting them have access to their Facebook pages audience. Well, this is the feed they are complaining about.

The default feed is designed to show you all of the posts that Facebook believed is relevant to you.  If you are liking a bunch of aunt Gladys’ posts recently then Facebook will start showing you posts about more posts that are similar in topic and engagement.

Facebook gathers lots of information about you. They learn from how you use their website. Facebook also learn about you from other sites. These sites have placed the Facebook Pixel in their code and so there are multiple channels that Facebook can use to discover what interest you and what you don’t like.

Facebook will weed out any posts on your feed that you repeatedly just scroll past. They also know that you watch more Dog videos than stupid human trick videos. Facebook also understands that you have certain friends that you absolutely want to see. So they have settings that allow you to see every uncle Arthur post while you drinking buddy from college may only show up once in a while because he posted a dog video.

So the default feed the main feed everybody sees

The Algorithm free feed

Want to see what every page group and post done by your friends can be found? That would be in the feed labeled most recent

It is made up of everybody you are friends with groups you are a member of and pages you have liked. It is shown in chronological order from most recent to the oldest. The dreaded algorithm is cut out of the process.

This is my favorite way to look at Facebook because though Facebook may know a lot about me, they can’t read my desires that are at that particular moment.  So, I use this most often when I am intentionally browsing the feed.

The main reason I do this is because I missed a funeral of someone I greatly respected. I didn’t find out that they had died till 3 days after the fact. So I ended up missing the funeral because Facebook didn’t think I would be interested.

How to access the Most Recent Posts Feed

On the app

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. In the lower right-hand corner, you will see the hamburger menu (the one with the three bars stacked on top of each other)
  3. Click the menu
  4. Scroll down till you see Feeds
  5. Select Feeds
  6. Scroll down till you see “Most Recent
  7. Select that and you will now have the most recent post visible to you.

On the Desktop

  1. On the left-hand side of the Facebook site you will see Your name and Under your Name, you will see News Feed
  2. Click on the Three Dots or you may have a triangle pointing down.
  3. You will see Most Recent
  4. Click Most Recent and you will now get the feed with no Algorithm.

Facebook Pages feed

I am sure you have liked a Facebook page or two. Whether it is your high school buddies charity you liked cause he asked you too. You also may have liked other Facebook pages that you have forgotten about.

You can actually do these pages a huge favor by going to the Pages feed and looking at browsing through the posts these businesses have been carefully crafting. You may find a rare and entertaining gem. As I mentioned earlier Facebook tries to guess what you will like but they don’t know what you are interested in at this very time.

So, take some time and look at these posts. I often find pages that are doing a great job at crafting and conveying a well-crafted message. Better than when I first liked them. Go in and like a post or two. You will see that doing so will let Facebook know that you are wanting to see messages similar.

This feed can only be found on the desktop/browser. I haven’t been able to find it on the Mobile app and personally, I find that rather sad. So when you are on your browser visit the Pages Feed

How to find the Pages Feed

  1. On the Left-hand side of the Facebook homepage, you will see Explore
  2. About 5 lines under the Explore section, you will see a link saying See More… click that link
  3. Select Pages Feed

Then enjoy the surprise of you will receive from all the pages that you have liked.

The Games Feed

Yep believe it or not there is actually a feed for all of your friends who play Facebook games. So instead of having your feed full of Bubble Witch Saga 38, you can now see how your friends are doing through the Facebook Games feed.

This feed is also accessible through the Explore -> See More…

A feed for each friend list you made.

Do you use Facebook lists? If not let’s get ou caught up. Lists have multiple purposes on Facebook. In the world of security, it allows you to share certain posts with select list members or you can exclude certain list members.

Say you are going on vacation for a month you want to share with you family how the trip is going. You can make a family list and share your trip updates with only that list. You can look at and create different lists

  1. Under the Explore See More…
  2.  Choose the Friends list option


You can then see all of the different lists you have available. These are location based along with interests and places you have worked.

If you choose a list and it has nothing listed you can actually add people who would fit into that category. Or, available if you do not see a list you would like you can create the perfect list.

For mobile the Friends feed is under the Bottom Right menu

Choose Feeds

You will them be able to see all of the different friends feeds available to you. but you will not be able to edit them. So you will have to set the lists up through the browser.

Rocket feed (Coming Soon)

Have you noticed the little rocket down at the bottom menu bar on Facebook Mobile? No? well, I haven’t either, but there are several people who are getting this new Rocket feed. The big difference on this feed from the others is who and what shows up in this feed.

The other feeds are based on what pages yo have liked and the people you have friended. All of the different feeds listed before have that caveat. They are people and businesses that you have allowed on your feeds. This new feed is different. These are going to be posted by people and businesses you do not follow but you very well may like what they have to say. So You will be able to see other posts about cats is you are a cat person or if you are into cars you may see more manufacturer pages.

Either way, this new rocket feed will be interesting in what is provided. Facebook is slowly rolling it out to measure how much people are liking it and how they respond to the new feed. So we may see the Rocket feed suddenly show up tomorrow or it may show up next year.

Do you have the rocket feed? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


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