A few months ago there was the announcement that Facebook was veering away from the old reliable Like, and taking up with a more dynamic set of emotions called Reactions.

Reactions, at first, was being thought of as Facebook making a dislike button, and it was at first released only in a couple of countries in Europe to test out the functionality. And that functionality has been tested improved scrutinized and verified. So much so that Facebook is ready to release it rest of us.

So, here is the next couple of week you will get the opportunity to Like, Love, HAHA, Yay, Wow, Sad, or Angry, that Buzzfeed post your old High school buddy shared. The new feature of reactions will now help with the common conundrum of do you click like if your friends Dog died. Now you can better emote a truer and closer sense of feeling and help build a tighter community because of the wider choice of these Reactions.

Once Facebook Reactions is live you will be able to long press the like button and the new options will appear. Or if you are on a desktop just mouse over the like button.

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I am here!

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The New Facebook Like Coming in a week or so
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