It has been a little while since there has been a new social network around that has made the community titter with excitement. Yet there is a new network out that is getting a good bit of attention. Quite a few people are talking about it and are trying to figure out how to use it.

Meet Peach

Picture of PeachNo, we are not talking about the starfish from Finding Nemo but it is just as fun. This a Social network is taking sharing into a different

Peach is a bit different. Not all of the functionality is right in your face like it is on Facebook or Twitter. It has some functionality as Slack seems to be missing other key points. Yet what it has inspires people to play with the app try to figure out all of the different hidden features. Many of these features are pretty easy but could be little more obvious. Like the camera features could be a little more helpful in some points I did find a bug that crashes the app if you choose 5 pictures hit the blue button at the bottom and then hit the camera circle. Everything locks up and then the app crashes.

Yet all in all this app is nice and the community is growing fast with only being on for one day I have already started a good following. Small but I keep getting notifications.

The Good Parts of Peach

The biggest item everyone who is on Peach is talking about the “Magic” words these are words that you can type in the status box to get extra functionality. The different Magic words I have found are.

Peach’s Magic Words

  1. Peach Magic WordGif – Gives you the ability to search for a gif through Keywords and then add that selected gif to your post
  2. Draw – Let your inner Picasso loose and trust me it will look like the abstract artist was using your phone.
  3. Shout – Make a big pronounced word. You get to Choose the color of the background and whether or not you want the word in italics.
  4. Song – If you want to share a song that is playing on the radio. This way you can make up a song you are listening too. Just select and hold the phone close to the speaker.
  5. Rate – Give someone or something a rating of 1 to 5 stars
  6. Battery – Share you battery level
  7. Weather – Share what you weather is at the moment
  8. Goodmorning – Share the morning weather
  9. Goodnight – Share the Weather as you are going to bed
  10. Move – Are you being active? Share how much or how little you have moved today.
  11. Events – Whats on you calendar? Share your events and let everyone know
  12. Safari – open the Safari Browser
  13. Dice – Quick D&D game roll two dice and see what comes up.
  14. Time – Incase someone doesn’t know how to read the time on their phone. You can share the time with them.
  15. Date – Need the date this will bring it up
  16. Movie – Share a movie you are watching
  17. TV – Share the television show you are watching
  18. Book – What book are you reading
  19. Game – what video game are you playing
  20. Here – Tell everyone where you are.

Inspirations – Need something to post about? You can get inspiration in your status box. Right beside your camera icon is a lightbulb. Press this and you get a choice of different topics to choose from. I don’t know if these topics update daily, weekly, monthly, or what but at the moment my favorite part of winter, What is my favorite writing instrument, and 2 other questions are showing up.

Peach Camera Dept

  1. Peach gif symbolSnapshot As it says just a quick snapshot of you or what you are looking at.
  2. Gif – If you select the infinity icon on the far left you will have the option to make a one-second gif. This is a lot like Boomerang for Instagram. So the functionality should be familiar to you if you have used it.
  3. Collage
  • Gif – Take 4 gif pictures and have a very distracting collage just by having both the collage and infinity sign highlighted
  • Snap – Turn off the Infinity sign and you can take 4 still shot pictures
  1. Post up to 5 pictures from your Camera Roll just when you are finished press the blue button with the number at the bottom. Otherwise you crash the app

The Not so Good Parts of Peach

  1. Only iOS – There are more Android phones out than iOS phones, I understand that it is because of the different versions out there but still where there is a will there is a way. There is Nectarine you can check out but it is an unofficial app
  2. Hashtags? – At the moment there is no hashtag support
  3. Finding your friends is a bit difficult – Without the ability to search either you Facebook nor Twitter friends your friend finding is a bit limited to the addresses you have on your phone. Though once you find a friend you will start getting a gentle flow of new friends throughout the day.
  4. A few small bugs – Like the one I mentioned before this is version 1.0 so there are some bugs to be expected.

Other than those few small issues Peach looks like an interesting new channel some folks might be able to use. As I keep using this app I should start seeing how most people use the app themselves so that I can have a better understanding as to how this might best be used for building a following. So do you use Peach? If so, you can search for me under my username of circlecast.

I am here!

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I am here!

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The New Social Network? It’s Just PEACH…y
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