One of the big question for small business owners who are jumping into social media. How to grow your customer base? How does a medium sized business grow their following through social media? How do other companies grow their social media profiles like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram?

There are all kinds of strategies and plans and calendars that will help a person become more productive. Yet there is one word that keeps cropping up each time a person talks about how to grow your audience. If you want to grow your small businesses Facebook page likes. If you want more twitter followers. That medium sized business is told you can grow their Instagram followers if they do this one little action.

What could this action be?.


Be consistent. It is that easy and that maddeningly difficult. You have to be consistent. This what all small businesses strive for I know.Yet, this is the first item that is dropped when the business owners attention drifts.

Why is so important about consistency? First, it shows that you are reliable. People want to know that you and your small company can be relied on. New customers want to know that if they have a problem that one day you will not just disappear.

When it comes to social media, the followers of your company come to expect the content you publish on your selected social networks. Whether it is the daily blog posts you share or the new video or podcast you release each week. Your audience and potential customers look forward to what you release.

The problems that are often faced are the lack of consistency. People may start out doing something weekly bit eventually it seems that the drift away. Now, this small business owner may have an emergency to deal with and so missing a week from time to time is actually ok. And typically you don’t have to mention that you are going. As stated before it is expected to miss a post from time to time.

But if you post weekly for a week and a half then you don’t post for a couple of days only to post twice one day. Then nothing for a month and then you post daily for the next week. Followed by not posting again. You wouldn’t have very many readers because they wouldn’t know when you would post. you may still get new visitors but they would eventually stop coming back because they don’t know when your new post would happen.

Look at the Bartertown Resturant. it closed recently because of lack of consistency. Their sandwiches took too long and nobody knew when they were going to be open. There was no consistency to their business, because of that the business folded. Well, it folded for other reasons too but this isn’t a political blog so let us stick to social media.

The more areas you are consistent with the better. This helps in broaden the reliability of your social media strategy.

Consistent message

What is the overreaching message you are wanting to say with your social media posts?  Some social media people would ask what is your end goal for your social media strategy? What is it you are trying to achieve when using social media? Find your end message. Chose that message and try as much as you can to stick to it.

IF you find that the message you are trying to tell has reached its end or you need, for whatever reason, need to change your message, then change it. Once changed stick to that new message till you have exhausted it.

Consistent content

As mentioned earlier chose a schedule and stick to it. if you find that you can’t maintain that schedule then change it to one that you can handle. This is why once a week is often used because most bloggers and other content creators are able to maintain that schedule. Yet if you can produce more content the better. unless you are not able to produce that content in a consistent fashion.

Consistent service

Plan how you want to use social media for your customer service channel. Gain hold to that decision. If you help one person and not another then you are sending the wrong information to your customers. So, help your customer through twitter or Facebook messenger. but make sure you help everyone as if they are the only person in the world that matters.

Consistent quality

This is the toughest category to stay consistent. You want to try to put out the best quality of blog posts and social media updates. Yet this there are times that you just are not feeling “it”. Whatever you choose as the topic of the week just isn’t connecting to your soul. There are times that the passion is just not there. Whatever the topic is just a little lackluster in the delivery.

This happens. no one will stop just because you had a drop in the quality of your posts. If your social media followers see that you are consistently dropping in the quality of your posts the more likely they are going to find someone who will show that level of passion they came to expect from you.

If you find that you have lost the passion for that specific topic then shift the topic. You can find a way to keep the excitement on the topic by doing a little shifting from time to time.

Consistency is the relationship builder that helps people come to know like and trust you. You can build that trust by being there for your audience.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

Social Media Manager at Goodwin Social Media
Bryan has been in the social media field in one form or another. whether it is blogging, podcasting, or trying out the latest social network . There is a good chance that you will find him talking somewhere.
I am here!

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