Twitter had a busy week with the developer conference #TwitterFlight. One of the big developments was twitter polls. Yep they have done this song and dance before but this is different. This also means that doing the retweet and favorite tactic has just become obsolete. Thankfully Twitter saw so many people struggling with this painful way of polling.

Now they are rolling this out to everyone, but at this moment I still haven’t see the poll icon in my Tweet box. Though it will show up here soon I hope so at least.

Details of Twitter polling is this. And keeping in Twitters fashion they are keeping it simple and easy.

  • Two options – Yep you can’t have a huge array of choice just two yes or no, Innie or Outie, Boxers or Briefs, whatever two choices you would like to be answered. Doing so is actually good because the poll taker can easily make a snap decision and get on with other tweets.
  • Open for 24 hours – Tweets alone only have a life cycle of just minutes so to have a tweet open for 24 hours may seem excessive. I would agree unless you are able to embed the poll on to your website. Then you have the ability to extend the life of your poll for vastly longer time. So if you are able to do this then the time limit is good. Again this cuts down on the amount of discussions that the poll maker has to do.
  • You can’t see who answered – This I like. Yeah I see the benefits of knowing who answered what, and that is sort of important. Yet it is not nearly as important as the answers themselves. You war taking a poll of your following and possibly some of their following. This I am sure is to actually keep the internet Marketeers thoughts of spamming people who choose a specific answer. This will allow for people to answer and not worry about being hounded about their decisions.
  • Retweetable – This is excellent in the fact that it will get your poll out in front of more people potentially millions more people.

So with the opportunities coming down the pipe from Twitter, there are lots of great information to be found out about who your ideal customer/audience member actually is. Maybe do a weekly poll to help find out more information about who is following you. Ask the right question and you could possibly find the answer to a problem you been having. Do you have polls yet? What do you think of them?

I am here!

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I am here!

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The Polls are open, well sort of

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