With live streaming becoming more and more prevalent you are starting to see that many social media experts are starting to take sides. One of the apps that these people are jumping on to is Periscope.

Periscope is a live video streaming app that was bought by Twitter shortly and went live shortly after Meerkat took the SxSW festival by storm on 2015. When Twitter pulled their social graph access from Meerkat they did so because they were going to use the same information for their app. Because of this little maneuver the advantages to using Periscope are evident the moment you use it. And you see why many social media experts have decided to hang their hat on this particular app.

Perks of Periscope

The largest perk for Periscope is the amount of people you get to show up to see what you’re doing on your stream. By far the winner in the audience numbers. You may get 15 right off the bat and if your content ins engaging enough you can have a huge number of people watching your stream very quickly. This is why many gurus are pointing to Periscope.

The layout of Periscope is very nice. The clean design helps draw people into different streams that are going on at that very moment even if no one you’re following is streaming at that moment. You can easily find new people and see what they are doing in their world. Speaking of world, you are also able to see who is streaming in your area, or state or country by use of the map that shows live streams you can find new and often interesting people.

When you finish streaming periscope does a smart feature by giving you some helpful stats about your stream, as in how many people viewed your live stream and how what percentage was the retention? I do like this feature cause with it you can have a better idea of whether you customers liked a particular idea or not. You get some near instant feedback. That feedback helps to determine if jumping that shark was such a good idea or not.

When you finish your stream and you have looked at your stats you show is not fully done. Fact it will hang around on the Periscope servers for 24 hours so you can reshare your stream with more people if you choose.

Hearts, hearts and more hearts! Is a fun way for your viewers to be able to give you a little love by tapping on their screen and having little hearts flutter up on your screen. This is a cute feature and many people do like to tap a lot.

Drawbacks of Periscope

Unlike Meerkat, when you stream, you are not able to type out responses to a question posted by a viewer. You are able to see the last 10 questions and that is it. SO if you are explaining something and 11 people post a question all at once. The 1st person to ask a question will not be seen. There for there is a problem with inter activity that happens if your stream become very popular. Many people who are looking to do Q&A’s or some other streaming content that requires viewers to interact, will more than likely find this drawback to be a deal breaker.

So, do you use Periscope? What do you use it for? What are some strategies that you have found are good to use with this particular medium? Join the discussion in the comment section below.

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