Triberr is a blog amplification tool that helps you get your post spread out to more peopleIf you write a blog post and no one shares it, does it exist? One of the biggest challenges for people who create content on blogs is getting people to tell others about it. We know our content is earth shattering and needs to be sent out to all corners of the known universe, right? This is often a big problem for emerging bloggers. If you talk to veteran bloggers, they also say they would like to get their content placed before more eyes. All bloggers want more people to know what that there is great stuff here! Where there is a need, there is a service. The service to the rescue is not just to reshare your content. It is a community, or as Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo, the creators of this service, like to call them Tribes. Yes, Tribes as in a collection of people who are centered on a particular interest, and that is exactly what the point of this web service is about, Like interests. Therefore since tribes are at the center of the service why not call it Triberr. Yes with two r’s at the end.

How does Triberr work?

In a nutshell, you share your blog’s RSS feed to a tribe that you have either created and/or joined. The service is a give and takes relationship. Therefore you share a person a post and then they turn around and share your latest post. This way your blog posts are shared out to possibly millions of eyes. Because when you hold your pointer over the Share button, you are giving your tribemates the opportunity to share your content to their Twitter followers, Facebook Friends, and LinkedIn Connections, and that can be all three at once. The amplification of your work can be tremendous. All that opportunity from the old you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your philosophy.

In more detail version, after you sign up for Triberr, you need to set up what blog or blogs you want to be tied to your account. Triberr is a freemium service so you do have some limitations, on some items. Unless you want to pay $10 a month for the premium services. After you have added your blog’s RSS feed, you connect what social media channels you want to share. You can connect your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn or any combination you choose.

It is time then, to find a tribe to join. I would look for a tribe that likely contains your audience. So if your blog is about entrepreneurs, you probably don’t want to be in the Hot Romance Novel Writers tribe. Because at the center of it all, Your Tribemates may not be your core audience but also the tribe members may not choose to share your posts, because it doesn’t fit their Twitter audience.

Triberr isn’t an automatic sharing service. When you share your tribemates posts, your blog post then becomes available for each tribemate to share at their discretion. Each person has control over what they are sharing with their followers. So, if someone is just posting contest after contest, and not providing any value to your Twitter audience, you can do one of three options.

  1. You can still share it, and choose to not send it to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  2. You can Hide that particular post
  3. Or just hide that tribemate so you never see any of their posts again.

Now if you do option three, they will not see any of your posts, so you may lose a few thousand chances of people seeing your blog post. Yet, on the other side, you are probably not posting much that would interest their audience. The control is in your hands. You can also have someone set to automatically be shared out to your followers with the Auto share feature and you can share a total of 100 different blog posts from your tribemates at a time.

What do you get for the Free Version of Triberr?

  1. You can create tribes that can hold up to 30 members
  2. You can share 2 different blogs
  3. You can auto-share 7 different people

What do you get for the premium Triberr?

  1. Larger tribes
  2. Automatic tribes – These are tribes that the followers automatically share what you post.
  3. You can auto-share 25 different people.

If you are looking at getting the word out to even more people. Then you can look at Triberr and if you do, use it daily or at least weekly. It is a good tool and you will see an increase of engagements. I have been using Triberr purposefully for the last year and the uptick I have seen in users and conversations has helped me grow my following and get closer to my goal of doubling the number of followers.

You can join my tribe Social Media Writers. This is a tribe for people who are social media writers so we can share our information with each other. Do you use Triberr? Have you found success or have you encountered any problems? Let talk it out in the comments section.

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I am here!

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