Twitter Moments, I am sure you have see the little lightning bolt on your twitter client. Now that people have seen them, you can now create your own moments.

During #TwitterFlight another feature was released that can be used to increase engagement attract and retain more audience members.  This new tool allows for you and your brand to enter the story telling environment and share pictures and videos in the spirit of Twitters Project Lightning.

To get the full effect of what you can do with collections here is one I created about an abandoned house next door

Ok yeah cheesy I know but it was fun to make at the same time.

So how do you this wonderful wizardry?

The easiest way I have found is that you have to use Tweetdeck and

  1. In Tweekdeck you will see the “+” On the Left hand side
  2. Click that and choose Collections in the lower right hand side
  3. You can then drag different tweets videos, and images into the collection. Here you can name your collection and give it a description if needed.

Quick tip: The bottom tweet is the first image shown in the collection and the top is the last. Just like Twitter is viewed so you might want to create the collections in reverse order that way your web viewers will not get as confused.

  1. After you have added all the tweets you would like to place in a group. You can then click the settings icon on the right hand side of your profile picture at the top.
  2. Choose Share then choose View on
  3. The new window or tab that appears with your collection
  4. Copy the address and then go to
  5. And paste the address into the text box
  6. Click the arrow beside it.
  7. Twitter will perform the needed magic to create a grid and will spit out a Script that you can then paste into your website for all to see.

Have you played with Collections and Publisher yet? What do you think? Comment below

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I am here!

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Twitter Collections, Publish and How create your first one.
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