Sorry had some very interesting challenges for last week and it resulted in me not getting this posted last week like I had hoped.

Have you ever wondered if the information you hear about how to grow Twitter followers is correct or full of guff? Is all the information you receive All Theory and no Practical? That is what I am going to find out I have a twitter account that I will be working with to grow and develop a thriving community. Now I am not using my twitter account because I wanted this experiment to be of one that you start fresh say you just signed up for twitter for your business and your wanted to build an engaged community from scratch.

Before anything you have to have a goal, and you might look at using the SMART goal setting technique. This is

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, Time-Bound

So with this My Goal at this moment is just to get 25 engaged followers by the 22nd of September. So if you apply the SMART template to this this goal is Specific. I am aiming for not just more followers but 25 engaged followers.  There is a number tied to the goal of 25 followers, so I have the Measurable. You may thinking, “That Wont be hard”. Therefor I have the Achievable. The results can be seen because at the start of this account when I took it over there were 6 followers. That means that on September 22nd I should have 31 followers total. Finally with the date September 22nd I have a deadline. I could actually get even more granular and put a time like 12:00pm but I am not going to do that.

So what is my game plan on getting these 25 engaged followers? The following is my four step plan, now just to help set this up a bit I would like to explain, the account I am using is for a gallery in Amarillo. The main message for the gallery at this moment is to promote creativity and the arts in the Amarillo Texas area. This small gallery also has different activities throughout the week that they would like to announce and promote. So, how do I plan to get people to see this account?

1 Find places your know

This is the first step you have to go through. This is actually the most uncomfortable part of starting a twitter account because you do not have an audience. Therefore you have to give people a reason to follow you. And at the beginning there is no reason. People will probably think you are a spammer or a bot or just plain inactive. No one wants these things. In that case, you have to find people you can engage in. So find the people who are talking about your industry. In this case the target audience are artists and people who like art or fun little fun events like murder mysteries and Art gatherings

First did a search for just Amarillo. You get the normal Television stations and other attractions. I chose a few choice known accounts

2 Find people in your area

You can then do a search for people in Twitters Advanced Search Here you can choose the location you want your search to take place in. This is a easy way to find people in a particular location that mention in this case Art or Artist. You can also find people who are in your area by looking at who is following the easy searches from the first step. As you gain followers you can look through the new followers lists and see if there are people who fit who you are after. Now granted this doesn’t scale well as we gain more followers but at the moment I am just reaching for 25 engaged followers.

3 Researching who is your target audience

Also use Google and look for your target audience and look at their site if they are doing social media moderately correctly they will have links to their Twitter account and then you can follow and strike up a conversation. Develop an engaged follower.

4 Talk to those you are following.

Every time someone follows you, thank them. Talk to these new folks. Learn something about them. See if you can learn something about them Add them to a list, Social media is about communication. So communicate with those that follow you share their stuff that is relevant to your audience. In other words be Sociable! Mingle! This shows activity on your account and helps people know that you are real and active.

So at this moment on September 12th the account has 17 followers total so we are off to a good start. Keep returning and look in the Experiment category keep up on how this and other experiments are doing.

I am here!

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I am here!

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