Building a Twitter following from scratch is a big challenge. It does lay testament as to why twitter has a slower growth rate than Facebook. Trying to get people who are perfect strangers to interact with you when you have under a 100 followers makes you wonder if this is how Jehovah Witness’s feel when they see people run for their doors. Then you wonder if there are any people in your area that have even used twitter in the last 6 months. Yet I keep reminding myself that Twitter is not for everybody, but is one of the best information tools out on the net, and I have grown the number of Followers.

Cue up the Band! And raise the banners, the first goal I set was met and surpassed 1 week and 3 days after it was set. I knew the bar was set low and as most games they will each get harder and harder as each objective is met. So with that, what is happening this week in the world of twitter building?

Hitting 31 Followers.

Getting the 25 new followers wasn’t hard but I did use a few tactics because I also started talking about the different events that the Gallery is putting on each week. So, I have a challenge of not just building people but not looking like I am pimping nothing but my wears. This is a balance that is often difficult to hold when you are trying to let people know that you have a service and not flooding your stream with “Buy This!”, “Buy This!”, “Buy This!” You will wear you followers out in record time if all you do is post either A) the same thing or B) Talking about nobody but yourself.

So, I have set up a few Google Alerts so that I can get notices about local Artists such as painters, sculptors, photographers, and welders. Basically people in the art community and so I can both learn about who are members of the artist’s community in the Amarillo Area. This way I both know who is an artist that might like to display their work at the Gallery and provide a service or supporting and encouraging the local creatives to keep having fun and keep the world in a state of beauty. Encourage then to create Awes and stimulate wonder. Yeah I know its artsy fartsy but if it is the least I can do for the people who create wonderful works of art then I am glad to help.

Introduce Crowdfire

One tool I have started to use is Crowdfire. At first I just used it to see who unfollowed me and if they were a person I just wasn’t building a relationship with then I would unfollow them too. Then I noticed a feature called Copy Followers. And this little guy is pretty neat in that it allows you to see the followers of someone. From there you can start following these people. In the free version you get 25 follows so this is actually good so that you don’t overdo it in the following department.

When starting out, it is common to follow more than people than are following you. Now this does cause a bit of a problem with people taking you as a possible spammer and agree it can. This is one reason you want to promote as many other people as you can. Make it about the others and not so much about yourself. This will help people know you are not JUST here to sell your stuff but you are actually planning on providing some value to the community you are patiently building. So the 25 limit is good. Though if you want you can get another 25 follows by just tweeting out a little message stating that you are using Crowdfire. That really depends on your preference.

Creating tweets about the events.

This is a little tough because as I said I don’t want to just have the gallery’s events listed in the stream I also want other people’s events and news from around Amarillo to show up. But each week has two events one is called the Twisted Tuesday where you can have some wine and do artsy things and then there is the Murder Mystery that is being put on each Saturday. Each of these events have Eventbright Tickets that are sold. So I am trying to convey as much information as I can in a daily fashion.

My Objectives

For the next two Weeks the objective is actually going to be easier. This is because I am aiming for 50 followers by October 4th. This way I get a good round number that will eventually start doubling and building even faster.

  • Each week I will post 5 tweets about the Murder Mystery
  • Each week I will post 5 Tweets about the Twisted Tuesday
  • And 35 posts about other events.
  • I will talk to 5 new people each week so by the end of this 2 week event I will have talked to 10 people and learned something about them.

So now that I have my new mission it is off to work.

I am here!

Bryan Goodwin

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I am here!

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