Been a few weeks since I did an update so I thought it would be a good time to share what changes and lessons learned in the Twitter experiment. Things have slowed down bit and I have been able to track a good bit to what caused the slow up. Before we talk about the lessons learned let’s see where the account is at.


At the writing of this post of 11-10-2015 The Twitter account has 144 followers. I am following 291 yes that is fewer people than what I had before I have culled the heard a bit so that I can slowly get to a point there are more followers than people I am following. But I am wanting to see if there is any validity on the “Magic ratio”. The reason I am wanting to question that is because I have been growing quite well with the followings being higher than the followers. Granted I don’t have 1000+ followers yet, but I actually don’t want the following to be filled with bots yeah I know I have a few already but as I find the posting over and over with links to Twitpic I will slowly and quietly be punting them down the road so that they can throw popups on to other people’s phones and computer screens.

Thinning the heard

So how did I thin out the size of my following? Actually I unfollowed everyone with under a 1000 tweets using the tool Crowdfire. With Crowdfire I can pull up all of the people I follow but they don’t follow me back and choose to unfollow each person. I then just looked at the number of tweets they has posted and hit the red circle. It was as easy as that.

Now I understand that I have under a 1000 tweets too. At the time of writing this I have 512 tweets. My line of thinking is this. If they have a low number of tweets they are probably not active and I will more than likely refollow them as I come across them if they are truly active. Amarillo is not that big of a town so I will surely find the active folks eventually.

Growing the followers. I am still using the tool Copy Followers in Crowdfire but I am also applying a new tool Meshfire to my arsenal. And you can see the review of it here.

As you can tell my following slowed up a bit I hit the goal early and kept going but why the slow up? This is from my doing. The Account that I am running the experiment on has events from time to time. With the events you need to let people know that they are going on. So I tried out TweetJukebox and set up a series of tweets promoting each event that was happening up to Halloween. The results were not the best I did get some people commenting about the events which is good. But the profile was all ME ME ME! Not very attractive and would give a lot of people the impression that the account was a bot and that I do not want. So you will be able to see a review of Tweet Juke Box here soon.

The lesson learn from this is if you are going to use a tool use it reasonably. Yeah I put out roughly a 100 tweets about the different events being held in Amarillo but there was no personality behind it. There was no panache to speak of. You want your social media profiles to be inviting and have some warmth to it. Not a cold over and over again tweet, or in this case set of tweets, inhumanly talking about your wears. Yeah it is easy to set it on automatic and go about your day. But you get what you pay for. In this case the price of personality and an inviting profile was time.

Yes I will still use TweetJukeBox but I will now change the times to a lot longer span that way I can put more personality in the “advertisements”. Defiantly need to feed the gold egg laying goose more before I try to harvest. Plan will revolve around giving more value about the art scene in Amarillo.

I am here!

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I am here!

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