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A lot of people get how to use Facebooks pages Twitter is a little different in its attitude and how to wrap your mind around its uses. The best explanation I have found to explain using twitter is looking at it as a huge never ending social mixer. You may have gone to a business networking event like the Business Networking International. The first time you walk into the room that the event is at you will hear nothing by noise. Lots of people talking. You may not see anybody you know. As you walk around. You will start to hear individual topics of conversations. Eventually, you will come across a topic that draws your attention. Soon you be drawn into the topic and when you do so that will be your first tweet.

That will be your first step into building relationships with other people. These people could be hairdressers as yourself, or maybe a related industry. Then again they could be in a completely different industry and just like your personality or your attitude towards hair.

Find your Demographics

differentPeopleHave you ever wondered who your ideal customer is? What type of people do you attract? In twitter the more people, that follow you. The more information you are able to gather about who likes your insights. You can find out who responds to your tweets and who doesn’t. You are able to find out what fields of expertise they are interested in. You are also able to see what different occupations are of your followers. You can even see your potential customers buying styles. Want to know if their average household income is in the range you want? You can find that out. All of this and more can be found on Twitter’s Analytics page.

This information can help direct you to better understand who is coming to you for your hair cutting Expertise. Your knowledge of hair care can be seen by those who you are wanting to target. Twitters analytics can also help show you that you might be falling short with your customers. Maybe you are wanting to attract a certain level of clientele you can look at the income demographics and see that you are in fact reaching those and you are actually a bigger influence on people who are more well known in your community.

Open and quick communication

There are times that people try something new. More often than not it involves trying out a new hairdresser who is the Aunts cousin of your best friend from high school and they just got their license. Granted they need to start somewhere but trying out a reverse Mohawk on your head is not the best time. So what happens when someone gets their hair butchered? After the day of being locked in the bathroom crying over the disaster that was your beautiful signature hair style.

You then complain about it on Social Media. Often that network is going to be twitter. Twitter may be a small network with only 7% of Americans using it, but twitter is loud. When People complain it is a public complaint. Add to it that if a complainer isn’t addressed in 4 hours the complaints turn to shaming and the publicity can get worse.

You want to be aware of twitter. You need to monitor what is happening on twitter and the benefits are more than keeping the complainers at bay. As I mentioned there is only 7% of Americans on Twitter that means the possibility of your competitors being on twitter is pretty low. Then again they may be on twitter but not be active because only 53% of Twitter users are active. This means you can easily take advantage of a person who is having a hairstyle disaster in the Texas Panhandle. All because they are venting on Twitter about how much of a bonehead the new saloon owner is. You can swoop in and validate their feelings and schedule an appointment to fix the problem. You become the hero and have a new client with as little as 140 characters.

A few ways you can monitor Twitter is using Hootsuite or similar application. You are able to save searches and place each search in a column. You are able to then answer any relevant questions or complaints that may be fielded to the public. Twitter is a tool built for customer service. Social media could also be called Service Media. How can you and your Hair salon in Amarillo serve your community?

You can show up and coming trends you can also design the trends
Many people shy away from the very thought that they could be a thought leader. They could create trends. When it comes to hair. Those trends shift rapidly. But I remember seeing several how-to videos on Twitter on how to get an Elsa type of braid. Combining Periscope with your twitter you can bring in new customers by giving a demo on how to style hair or common problems you can avoid. What is the best way to wash colored hair? Is it the way most people do it or is there a secret you could let your followers in on?

This is the type of information you can use and share. That will help you become a thought leader in the Amarillo area. The increase of awareness the more people will come to know like and trust you with their hair. That is the key to all Social Media Give or Serve so that people will come to know who you are. Trust what you do. Like your results.

How to build followers

there are many ways to build followers but know that when you first start it is slow. You might get frustrated and want to buy twitter followers. This will increase you followers but you will not make any sales from them. Because the majority of the Followers you are buying are bots. They do nothing other than fill people’s twitter feed with drivel. No value there. So how do you build a following?


Start with the oldest way of meeting people. Introduce yourself. It sounds odd but that is the easiest way to start. It is slow and the ability to scale is not really there. But you also build the best relationships through the simple hello. Join in a conversation you see going on. Inject your two cents and let a relationship develop.


If you have a blog on your site and I highly recommend you do. You can join Triberr and extend your reach. Triberr is a blog post sharing site. You first join a tribe. And ask if you can be a member of that tribe. This is because when you first join a tribe you are just a follower. And followers just post everybody else’s posts but yours don’t get to show up. Yet, when you are a member of a tribe your posts will start being shown by the other members of the tribe.  For every post, you share on your twitter feed that person has the ability to share your post.

Triberr has a WordPress plugin to help automate the submissions of your blogs posts. If you don’t use the plugin then you have to go in and manually refresh the feed. So you want to get the plugin.

Join a #Twitterchat

You can find twitter chats all over the place. Just search Google or you can look in Twubs for scheduled twitter chats or any other hashtag based event.


Crowdfire is a web application that allows you to follow or unfollow people.  The cool follower building tool is Copy Followers. This allows for you to look at the people who are following someone you are following. If this person is into hair design as you then it can go to say that their followers could also be into hair design. So it can help build your following. Word of Warning, goes easy with the new followers. You can easily overdo it on the following and get suspended by Twitter for violating their twitter rules. So go easy with it. Follow some folks and wait for a little while. Then follows some more.

The last suggestion I have is Narrow. This is an automation web application. You enter people hashtags keywords that pertain to your hair styles and location and let it go to work you will start getting new people following you. Not fully sure how it is working because I only used it for the free trial period. But I will be using it more in the near future.

Whatever direction to take on using Twitter the base is the more you share the more people will come to know you. The more you help other people out the more they will come to use your service. The more likely these followers are going to want to use your salon and will come to know like and trust you are their hair stylist. Whether you are in Amarillo, Western Oklahoma, or the nation. People are looking for your personality. People are looking for your particular attitude with hair. They what to know who you are. You also want to be of service to the community and what better way than to be an Ambassador to great hair.

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