Twitter has just released their newest feature to help ensure that they are the Information Network. If you have updated your twitter client you will now see along the bottom 5 sections instead of the traditional 4. The middle is a lightning bolt with the word Moments written underneath it. Yet I have noticed that if you had the news option you now do not have either feature to your account. My Podcast Dojo account had news and now there is just the 4 original options of Home Notifications, Messages, and Me.

So what is Moments?

I am wondering if with the Lightning bolt this is not the fabled Project Spark that people have been talking about for a while due to the icon being the Lightning bolt

Moments is a way for you to discover what is happening around twitter. If there is some type of current even happening you can now get an overview to the story. As the app explains you are able to find pics, and video clips and conversations at a glance.

IF you choose to follow a story then it will show up on your Feed and when the story is over and the issue is resolved the tweets will end. In other words you will be able to temporarily follow people as they are tied to an event that is listed in Moments. Once the Story is finished so are the extra people. That way you are not following people who normally will not provide the desired value you are seeking in your Twitter feed.

The value you will receive is still up in the air because who curates Moments? Are Moments the same for everybody or are they individually curated based on your likes and what you like to talk about. These hopefully will be answered in the near future. At the moment it does appear to be just a set of events that are shared I have on 2 of my accounts A story  about the Nobel Prize, a Baseball story, A dam that was under the danger of breaching in South Carolina, Climbing Everest and about 4 other stories that are also the same. So Maybe they will insert an algorithm that will personalize the stories.

So Is Moments going to stay around? Who is to say the News feature that they had seems to of disappeared while more people have the Moments options compared to News. So nice to see that Twitter is working at improving and with Jack being back in the captain’s chair maybe some fun stuff is going to happen.

I am here!

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I am here!

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