February has not shown twitter any love this year. From Stock prices falling harder than a Pre-pubescent boy seeing a hot chick. To many of its fans screaming that Twitter is dead to them (#RIPTwitter). So yeah, the poor Twitters has had a rough month.

The big item that has been announced and has caused people to break out into a Gotye song is that Twitter is adding a feature to your timeline.

This great sounding feature is…

Wait for it…

This will sound very familiar.

You have seen the “While you were away” section on twitter right? Well they are expanding that and giving you the most important tweets. Listed first. Yep that is what all the twitter heads are a chirping about. Twitter is going the way of Facebook. They are showing you the tweets that you might like first. Yet, hear it from many people on the twitterverse. You would think Twitter was bought by Facebook. Why would Twitter mess with their timeline like that? That is not what Twitter is about!


Lets answer the most pressing question first. Why would Twitter make such a drastic change? This answer is not that complex nor is it any reason for worry or for committing Harry Krishna (That’s Hari-kari Bryan). The Number one reason for the change is Boosting engagement.

Boost engagement

Twitter has had a bit of a problem is that they are actually loosing users. Now there are a plethora of reasons as to why Twitter is shrinking in users. The reasons are as vast as the users but the big reason is lot of people just don’t get Twitter.T hey just don’t see the value of it. But also when they do get a new person there is a large amount of people who sign up and never even tweets or will only do one or two tweets and that is all. So there is an engagement problem. I would almost say twitter is for the Extrovert wannabes. Those introverts that have found a way to “get out” and mingle, but we can do it from the safety of our own home.

It is not the 140 Character limit that many want to claim. Those that are saying that are the Internet Marketeers who don’t have the wit for Brevity.

Control the advertisement

Twitter also needs to advertise, and even more so they need to control the advertising. This way the higher paying advertising customer can be placed in front of more potential eyes. Many people feel that Twitter has sold out because of the advertising, and it has. It sold to anyone wanting to buy a share of it. In doing so Twitter became a publicly traded company. Now this irritates the anti-capitalist that use Twitter because it reminds them that they use and benefit from that capitalist system, but I digress.

It is not that bad

Having an algorithm mess with your timeline can make you wonder if you are missing out on anything. If you knew how much you were missing out on with Facebooks algorithm you would think that messing with the newsfeed is bad. But, as of right now the Best Tweet Feature doesn’t omit anybody’s tweets. It just pulls the most engaging tweets to the top so that they are easily seen. Then after that, the regular tweets show up, and they are in your normal order.

Even if Twitter starts going headlong down the newsfeed alteration path you will, like in Facebook, have the ability to see your posts in chronological order. I do not see the algorithm making any changes to the lists. If they do then yeah I can see there being some problems. Yet at the moment, Twitter has done something very twitter like.

Twitter is giving you the option to use it or not. At this moment, it is opt-in so if you want to use it you have to go into settings and turn it on.

How to activate the Show Me the Best Tweets First

  1. Activation is easy, go to your profile page.
  2. Click the Gear icon
  3. Choose Settings
  4. If you have more than one account on your app then choose the twitter account you want to change the setting on.
  5. You will see Time Line Personalization choose this and in here you will see the Show me the Best tweets First
  6. Move the switch over to the on position and you are set.

So play with it a little if you start feeling like you are missing tweets you can turn the feature off. So what do you think of the new twitter feature? Do you like Algorithms sneaking into the timeline? Tell me about it in the comments section below

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Twitter is putting its best Tweets Forward.
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