One of My twitter accounts recently got suspended. Why? You guess is as good as mine. I can only assume that someone was able to hack into the account and started to send out spam and this caused a lot of people to report spam on the account. So I am now learning how you get accounts unsuspended.

While looking around I came across the Twitter Rules. These rules are a little different from the Terms of Service. So, I thought it would be a good idea while I am waiting to get SmokehouseBeef unsuspended to look at these rules and see if I am doing something wrong.

Now I have heard of Twitter rules but I had always thought these were good guidelines as to how to act more of a how to behave on twitter than anything else so this is why this appears to me a surprising.

So the Rules.

Under the Content Boundaries and Use

  1. Trademarks – don’t use someone else trademark. I know that this account didn’t violate anything in that department. Because I have the Domain and twitter accounts.
  2. Copyrights – Don’t use copyrighted material.
  3. Graphic Content – So showing bloody events or self-harm pictures videos and videos that are disturbing will get your account suspended. Maybe Isis should read the rules and they would find out why their accounts keep getting suspended.
  4. Unlawful use – So Selling drugs or using your account to perpetrate any type of illegal activity will also cause your account to be suspended
  5. Misuse of Twitter Badges – You can’t use a twitter badge to wrongly say you are verified to give wrong information

Number of these rules violated: 0

Abusive Behavior

  1. Violent threats (Direct or Indirect) – Don’t go off saying you are going kill someone this kind of goes without saying but If our threaten someone’s life not only can twitter suspend your account but you might also get a knock on the door by the police wanting to take you downtown for questioning.
  2. Harassment – Don’t abuse someone if they give off the impression that they do not want to talk to you then stop the conversation right there. Do not keep the conversation going. Just stop. Also, do the following which will be included as harassment
    • Creating another account for the sole purpose to get around someone blocking you.
    • Don’t ask other people to jump into the harassment with you.
    • And if you have multiple accounts don’t use them to keep the unwanted discussion going.
  3. Hateful Conduct – You are not supposed to use your twitter account to promote violence against other people based on their race sex creed national origin or other beliefs. *Side note* this rule often gets overlooked.
  4. Multiple Account Abuse – Creating multiple accounts so that they can evade a suspension. If your account gets suspended then you need to wait.
  5. Private information – Don’t post other people’s private information. Of course, this one is often overlooked. Anybody remember Roseanne Barr posting up the wrong George Zimmerman information? She still has her account. But doing this is in bad taste and for common decency don’t do it.
  6. Impersonation – you can skirt this by letting people know that the account is a parody account but don’t open an account as someone if you are not that person.
  7. Self-harm – this is actually covered in other rules too but this is to keep copycats out of the loop. So that they are not inspired to try the same thing.


We know spam is a bit of a problem on Twitter but not as bad as it used to be. What is considered Spam to Twitter?

  1. Username Squatting – If you have a username just so that someone who is associated with that Username can’t use it. Then your account will be suspended. Username squatting is identified as some of the following.
    • The Number of accounts created
    • Creating account to keep others from using them
    • Creating accounts to sell them
    • Using feed from third parties to maintain accounts.
  2. Invitation spam – Sending out tomes of Hey Follow me! This is interesting. The auto DMs sent out by Crowdfire and others services like that could actually be construed as Invitation spam. So use this stuff carefully.
  3. Selling Usernames – Creating a user name just so that you can sell it will get your account suspended
  4. Malware/Phishing – Using your Twitter account to send out Phishing scams and other forms of Identity theft will get your account suspended
  5. Spam – Sending out flat-out spam or tweets that are just strictly targeting someone to sell them something can get you suspended. This includes
    • Following or unfollowing a large Number of people through automated means. This is called aggressive Following or Unfollowing)
    • If you repeal follow and unfollow the same people.
    • If your updates consist of only links *Side note*Hmm this is interesting and obviously not looked at that often considering that the vast majority of tweets are links.
    • If a large number of people start to block you commonly used as sniping and is used by some political affiliations when they encounter someone they don’t like.
    • Large number of Spam complaints
    • Post the same thing over many accounts
    • Using hashtag spam can get you suspended.
    • Send large number of duplicate replies
    • If you send a large number of unrelated users to a list
    • If you constantly create false or misleading content. *Side note* Don’t know how you police that
    • Randomly Aggressively Following Liking or Retweeting *Side note* Again don’t know how that is policed
    • If you try to post as someone else
    • Post misleading links
    • Create misleading accounts
    • Selling followers like’s retweets or similar interactions

Out of this section, I could  be violating something. The big on is the aggressive following, but I am not sure. What the cut off is? I am using Crowdfire service but I am limited to 50 follows in a day and I don’t think that is too aggressive and I haven’t unfollowed that many. Unless 15 or so since the account was created is considered too many. But the links I haven’t posted hardly any. Mostly it has been a very egocentric account because it has been about Smokehouse Beef with several interactions with other accounts of beef jerky. I did have one person who thought I was being an attention grabber for pointing out how many redirections a piece of spam had. Other than that I don’t see where I might have had a violation. So we will see what the results is and I might just have to recreate an account if it is not resolved in a week or so.

I am here!

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I am here!

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Twitter Rules and How to avoid being suspended
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