try no tto annoy and inconvenience your audienceNobody likes Twitter bots this is understood. They fill your direct message inbox up with sales of garbage you don’t care for and they just fill your twitter stream up with nonsense. There are several different fixes you can do to solve the problem of twitter bots following you. There are tools to keep bots from throwing all of these different unpleasant experiences at you.

The big one is using Twit Validate and yeah it does what it says it will do and that keeps bots from sending spam your general direction, but is it worth it? Really? Without hiding the lead the answer is no. in all honesty don’t need to use this service. And there are my 3 reasons why.

Bots don’t send Direct Messages (DM) anymore.

Let me preface this with my definition of a twitter bot.
Twitter Bot – Any twitter account that relies solely on automation and scripts to post from it account.

So with that Definition, the Big Ben account is a Twitter Bot. It is a program that posts to twitter once an hour with the proper corresponding bongs to represent that hour. One o’clock? One bong. Three o’clock – Bong Bong Bong. Got it? Ok let’s proceed

Back in 2007 or so, the argument might have worked a person should use a service like True Twit. And that is because twitter bots were rampant and would every day or at times multiple times a day send you a direct message and Twitter Mentions sporting the same unwanted products or services. It was annoying and tiresome. Yet, this tactic didn’t stay around for long. Why? Because if a person received one of these spam messages most people would just block them. If you got too many spam complaints, or your profile was blocked by several people in a specific amount of time, your account would be suspended. So these particular spam bots faded away rather quickly out of the sheer ineffectiveness of the tactic.

Most incoming DM are typically one-time shot.

With tracking services like Crowdfire TweetJukebox and others they often will allow for you to send one time thanks for following. While I’m not a fan of this particular strategy because I would rather send a personalized message mentioning something in their Twitter Bio so that they know I looked and took an interest in them. This being a personal touch. I took the time out of my day to get to now a new follower. That touch may be trivial but it means a lot to me when someone mentions a portion of my profile. It is a touch of personality that I really like.

Some people like to say thank you but don’t want to miss anyone so they automate the DM. and will often put a sales message into it. If this is done OK, they are trying. If it resonates with me somehow I will look at the message and try to find out what it is about that message that struck a chord with me.

You are putting an obstacle between you and potential following

Why make it harder for your followers to follow you? This is my biggest gripe for these Twitter Verification services. It is just another hoop that your fans have to navigate and with the proof, you’re not a bot pictures I have more than once failed the test because something with the script botched. Either the instructions were not clear enough or the image didn’t come through or more often the wrong image came through. So unless the person is desperate to follow you. The chances of a customer sticking through all of the frustrations for the very slight possibility of someone DM you just is bad customer service.

And speaking of Customer service if a customer has a problem they are not going to put up with a verification hurdle just to get you to help them. You want to help your customer not irritate your customer.

I personally don’t use a twitter verification app like True Twit. If I get the occasional DM after following somebody, and this is usually from a person who has the work marketing expert in their bio. So I actually use this opportunity since they find it ok to send me messages to send one in reply. This message is normally.

“Hey, thanks, I will take a look at your Facebook page. Please go to mine and like it also.”

I have gotten 3 new likes from that strategy. Nothing big but I take that line of thought they are ok with just sending a random message so why not try to get a follower in return. If it ends up being a spam bot I do the same for people that are just out to troll. I go the gear on their profile and I hit the block. It at least keeps the door open for my followers to tell me hello without annoying them.

Do you use a Twitter Verification service? Tell me why in the comments below.

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